Meet Chicago's new 3rd District commander

Meet Chicago's new 3rd District commander

The popular blog, Second City Cop, broke the news recently that Glenn Evans has been promoted as commander of Chicago’s 3rd police district, Grand Crossing.

Regular readers may recall Evans from our May/June issue “Abusing the Badge,” which dug into police misconduct lawsuits settled by the city. We found that a small group of officers were behind a disproportionate number of those cases. Missed it? Here’s a quick recap:

Of 441 police misconduct lawsuits that led to city payments between January 2009 and November 2011, nearly a third—or 145—involved the “repeaters,” shows a Reporter analysis of federal and state court records. This small group—140 in all—proved costly. Despite making up 1 percent of the police force, they accounted for more than a quarter—or $11.7 million—of all damage payments incurred from police misconduct lawsuits. The city defended a good number of those officers in additional cases as well; nearly a third of the 140 officers were named in at least five misconduct lawsuits since 2000.

Evans was one of the officers that had at least five suits filed against him. (Check out the complete list here.)

His promotion is getting mixed reviews in the blogosphere. His peers on Second City Cop note that Evans is both a hardworking officer and suitably unrelenting—especially for Chicago’s tough streets. The people who filed lawsuits against him—alleging beatings and a Tasering—saw those tactics in another light; as civil rights violations. What the police department thinks? We’re still waiting for a response. Stay tuned…


–By Nicole NeSmith


Photo by Isadora Ruyter-Harcourt

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