CTA's first public meeting on Red Line closures draws a crowd, and complaints (photos)

The first of two scheduled public meetings this week on the planned five-month closure of parts of the Red Line was held Monday night at the South Shore Cultural Center. 

Many Chicago Transit Authority representatives, including President Forrest Claypool and Chairman Terry Peterson, were in attendance, ready to hear the concerns of various CTA riders.

There has been significant outrage over the plan to completely shut down a big chunk of the line for months, including nine stations, rather than force only part-time closures as has been done during renovations on other parts of the subway.

Residents have complained about the problems they forsee in getting to work, not to mention safety concerns. Plus, they’re annoyed the CTA never consulted local residents before announcing the big project.

Some businesses worry they may have to shutdown during the construction work, throwing people out of work.

Another meeting will be held Thursday at the Kennedy-King College Gymnasium, 6343 S. Halsted St., from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Photos and text by William Camargo.



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