What is the state of Latino political clout in Chicago?

What is the state of Latino political clout in Chicago?

The Latino community may have some new political voices in Chicago City Council since the ward remapping, but controversy continues to bubble as to whether the rapidly growing group was short shrifted in last week’s redistricting.

On Wednesday, the Latino Policy Forum released an analysis of the ward boundaries and argued that “the new maps–and the back-door process employed to create them–shows a lack of transparency and accountability to the residents of Chicago.  It also clearly shows that only 10 Latino effective-majority wards were created–a far cry from the the 13 that have been enthusiastically touted by the council and the media.”

The report found that there were enough Latino neighborhoods to create a total of 14 Latino majority wards, instead of the 10 that the council voted on, and noted that “the final map, as passed, has numerous issues that might not escape potential legal challenges.”

This week on the Barbershop Show, we’ll look at what the new wardmap, which adds three new Latino wards and two Latino ‘influence’ wards, tells us about the state of Latino political clout in Chicago.

Is the growth of the Latino community’s political voice keeping up with its numbers?

Who are the power players in Latino politics around the city?

What is the best way to analyze the influence of minority groups in the city? Does the controversy around the ward redistricting play down other ways that Latino politics are being practiced?

By Friday, let us know your thoughts and tune in to Vocalo.org or 98.5 to hear them on air.

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