If you were president, how would you cut the deficit? Play now.

On today’s Barbershop Show live at noon on 89.5 FM and vocalo.org, Chicago Reporter Editor Kimbriell Kelly and Publisher Alden Loury are going to play a little game. And we’d like you to play, too!

We’ll be talking about the government debt ceiling. As such, Kimbriell and Alden will be picking what federal programs they’d pay for with a $172.4 billion spending budget.

We’ve attached the same poll detailing all the programs up for grabs and would like to see which ones you’d pay for. Game on!


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  • I would cut Arne Duncan, the bum is stinking up the place. The guy was a failure as a CEO of Chicago Public Schools and has no clue on how to run the Department of Ed. His Privatization crew can go with him. Duncan has sold the department to the highest bidder, literally!

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    First of all. I would travel to Pakistan and China and pass a bill to them. The one to Pakistan would tell them to pay up for giving china our stealth helicopter technology and if they don't we will cut aid, impose sanctions, and block china from aiding pakistan. Now for china i would tell them that we don't owe as much as their saying and pay up for the helicopter tech, and other tech that they have stole and i don't care whether they would like it or not!

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