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Are the city's gun registration laws discriminatory?

Taking a look at Mick Dumke’s excellent investigation – The Misfire – in the Chicago Reader, one section caught my eye. Dumke chronicles the city’s new gun registration law and tells us who’s registering guns with the Chicago Police Department. It’s not where you might think – high crime neighborhoods on the South and West... Read more »

Public education improved during the Daley era, especially in the eyes of white parents

The imprint of former Mayor Richard M. Daley was left on public education perhaps more than it was in any other arena.During his tenure, test scores improved, the percentage of adults with a high school diploma increased, a slew of well-regarded charter and selective-enrollment schools were established–and a higher percentage of white parents sent their... Read more »

One eerie thought about Magnificent Mile gang violence

Over the last few days, I’ve been asked by many people: “Why aren’t you writing about the downtown ‘flash-mobs’? There’s so much to say about race.” I’ve been thinking about the situation a lot. Pondering it. Wondering what’s going on to make these crimes that are so very ordinary just a few miles away from... Read more »

Can the CHA really drug test public housing residents?

There’s a lot being said about the Chicago Housing Authority’s new proposal to drug test all of its residents. Many residents have come out against it. Others are all for it – saying they think it’ll make public housing safer. But I wanted the facts. Is drug testing legal? Will it keep people safe? Does... Read more »

"Chicago-style" interrogations and false confessions

The Chicago Police Department loves to talk about its success in tracing confiscated guns–and for good reason. It’s true, the department is nationally recognized for the number of guns–nearly 10,000 last year alone–traced back to gun shows and smuggling rings in places like Indiana, Mississippi and Texas. The numbers suggest that police are doing a... Read more »

The devastated housing market on Chicago's South and West sides during the Daley era

Former Mayor Richard M. Daley will be remembered for the rise of shiny, new downtown condominiums and the fall of towering public housing buildings. But his tenure should also be remembered for declining homeownership and the dramatic rise of cost-burdened renters and home owners in many of Chicago’s South and West side communities. In a... Read more »

Tenants to CHA: Scrap drug-testing proposal

Tenants to CHA: Scrap drug-testing proposal
Chicago Housing Authority officials and public housing residents have been at odds for years over policies created under the Plan for Transformation. While the CHA maintains that stricter lease requirements — like mandatory good neighbor classes and a one-strike eviction rule — for those living in subsidized units is key to creating harmony in new... Read more »