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The legacy of Richard M. Daley on Chicago's South and West sides

The Chicago Reporter looks back at the track record of Chicago’s longest-serving mayor in some of the city’s most under-served communities. While Richard M. Daley has received praise for restoring the city’s downtown and establishing Chicago as a “global” city, his performance in lower-income communities on the city’s South and West sides are met with... Read more »

Illinois lawmakers to banks: 'Secure your vacant properties'

It’s been more than three years since Chicago’s City Council adopted a vacant buildings ordinance that set standards intended to prevent neighborhoods hit with thousands of foreclosures from turning into junkyards. But like municipalities across Illinois, the city has struggled to hold the owners accountable. And as a Chicago Reporter investigation recently found, it’s some... Read more »

Is housing the key to curing what ails us?

We all know about the health problems plaguing us as a nation: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, AIDS, cancer. We usually look for medical solutions to these problems: new drugs, fancy diets, exercise, surgery, vaccines, new procedures. But what if there was another solution? One a little “closer to home”? New research from... Read more »

Young filmmakers show being a high school dropout isn't the end of the story

Young filmmakers show being a high school dropout isn't the end of the story
Stephanie Lewis is 19 years old. She’s a high school junior and an A student. She used to have another label: high school dropout. But that one didn’t stick. After struggling at her regular Chicago high school, she enrolled at Prologue Alternative High School and took a class on video production. Now Stephanie has another... Read more »

Chicago to Emanuel: "Create a borderless city"

Newly-inaugurated Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel pledged to make the city’s streets safer, improve schools and help create new jobs on the campaign trail. Yesterday, thousands of Chicagoans came out to see him sworn into office. We caught up with a few folks to hear what they expect of the new mayor. Among them was Rafhael... Read more »

Chicago Reporter honored with four Lisagor awards

Friday night, Chicago’s journalism community gathered to celebrate the best of the city’s news for 2010 at the Peter Lisagor Awards. Think of it like the Oscars of Chicago journalism. Everyone dressed up, smiling and cheering each other on while reflecting on a year of well-produced news. The Chicago Reporter was excited to be honored... Read more »

Lawmakers buy time for latest juvenile transfer bill

Education reform, medical marijuana and the state’s fiscal morass dominated the headlines out of Illinois’ Statehouse last week. But lawmakers were racing the clock to take action on dozens more bills that captured little attention. Among them was HB 2067, the state’s latest automatic transfer proposal, which has the potential to send hundreds more Chicago... Read more »

Why 13 is an unlucky number for Cook County families

It’s something you hope never happens to you. But 117,630 families in Cook County have faced it in the last five years: bankruptcy. While bankruptcy has the reputation of being financial rock bottom, it’s actually designed to be helpful–a fresh start for people so burdened by debt that they may never get out from under... Read more »

Number of the day: $72,384

That’s how much the Illinois Department of Corrections estimates that it would cost to incarcerate each 15- and 16-year-old convicted of gun possession if HB2067 is adopted by the state legislature this year. State Rep. Michael Zalewski — along with some powerful allies from the Chicago Police Department and Mayor Daley’s office — are trying... Read more »

Daley agrees on compromise to Sweet Home Chicago ordinance

The first time I heard of the Sweet Home Chicago ordinance was on a chilly December day in 2009. A large group of protesters gathered outside of 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti’s office on a very chilly day, demanding that Tax Increment Financing District dollars be used to fund affordable housing. It was so cold... Read more »