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Find out how many jobs there are in Chicago by ward

Take a hard left off at the Garfield exit on the Dan Ryan and head east into the heart of Chicago’s 20th Ward for a look at how bleak the local employment scene in some corners of Chicago has become. “That whole stretch is nothing, nothing, nothing, a church, nothing, nothing, nothing, a liquor store... Read more »

What will Chicago's future mayor do with the city's public housing?

Last night, public housing residents and leaders from across the city gathered to hear Chicago’s mayoral hopefuls answer one important question: What are you going to do with our homes? The answer? Well, it was a bit fuzzy. To start with, only three of the six candidates running for mayor even bothered to show up,... Read more »

Chicago's mayor candidates play 'Jenny from the block,' but who's got the guts to actually help poor folks?

All the candidates who hope to be Chicago’s next mayor love to spend time telling us why they’re better than the next guy. But lately, they’ve entered into a new competition–one that seems a little ridiculous at times–who’s more “street” than the next guy. Today’s Chicago Tribune chronicles the ways each candidate tries to claim... Read more »

Number of the day: $1,014,837.53

That’s how much local tax payer money The Woodlawn Organization, headed by notorious South Side landlord Leon Finney, has collected since the City Council passed an ordinance barring slumlords from collecting city money last January. We unearthed the legislation over the summer and put city officials on the spot for failing to enforce it when... Read more »

Can you live in Chicago on under $30,000 a year?

When we data nerds at The Chicago Reporter saw the New York Times’ swanky census map last month, we were all drooling. And because you can look at any street, anywhere in the nation and see what’s happening where you live, it got me thinking. We here at the Reporter are always analyzing the city.... Read more »

Did the public housing transformation destroy Chicago's black voter base?

When you write about public housing, you meet some interesting characters. One of the most interesting was Tyrone Galtney–a former Robert Taylor resident who self-published a book on his political conspiracy theories on the Plan for Transformation. Galtney has one unshakable belief: Chicago’s massive demolition and rebuilding of its public housing stock was orchestrated to... Read more »

Technology for the people: Chicago nonprofit gives computers in exchange for effort

If you’re part of the 40 percent of Chicagoans who don’t have regular internet access, you have a few options. Shell out big bucks for a computer and an Internet connection. No money? Well, you can wait in line at your local library or maybe search out a neighborhood computer lab. But Chicagoan David Eads... Read more »