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In Auburn Gresham, can anyone afford their mortgage?

In Auburn Gresham, can anyone afford their mortgage?
In our final entry in our series examining where we live, Chicago Reporter Publisher Alden Loury talks about what the foreclosure crisis has done in his neighborhood. What’s going on where you live? We want to know. Take a look at your census tract with the New York Times’ slick map and tell us what... Read more »

No more kids playing at the fire hydrant in West Town

This week, we’re taking a break from examining other people’s neighborhoods and to reflect on our own. Day 4 of our census tract series comes from reporter Angela Caputo. Check out the previous entries in this series and come back to read more the rest of the week. It’s not hard to pinpoint what’s changed... Read more »

In Evanston, does a diverse neighborhood mean diverse public schools?

It’s day 3 of our census tract series, where each of The Chicago Reporter’s staff takes a break from examining other people’s neighborhoods and reflects on their own. Today, reporter Jeff Kelly Lowenstein looks at where he lives in Evanston. Don’t forget to check out day 1 and day 2 of this series and come... Read more »

What's it like to be a black family living out in the white "boonies"?

Day 2 of our series on taking a look at our own neighborhoods’ census data, my boss, The Chicago Reporter’s Editor Kimbriell Kelly takes a look at where she lives. There’s a little blue dot on a map that represents every 25 black people. In my census tract of 10,538 people, there’s just one dot.... Read more »

Cocktails and current events: Come to The Chicago Reporter's issue release party

If you’ve been on the search for the smartest cocktail party in Chicago, look no further. Come to The Chicago Reporter’s Drop party, where we release our latest issue, enjoy fine beverages and appetizers. Guaranteed you’ll meet some intelligent, interesting people who care about our city as much as you do. Join us at M... Read more »

Could Englewood Wal-Mart help people save money, live better?

Jobs are the topic of the The Chicago Reporter’s latest issue. It’s an issue everyone’s thinking about, including Hal Baskin, a community leader and 16th ward aldermanic candidate from Englewood. The South Sider says jobs are the way to reduce crime in neighborhoods, increase safety at schools and improve the quality of life for neighborhood... Read more »

City bans fast food restaurants. Should Chicago be next?

Some communities ban bars, liquor stores or strip clubs. But South Los Angeles is using its zoning laws to outlaw a different kind of foe: fast food. In 2008, South L.A., which has high poverty and obesity rates, enacted a moratorium on new fast food restaurants. And it’s stuck. Since then, not one McDonald’s or... Read more »

Miguel del Valle will now take your questions

In our <a href="">survey on TIF policies,</a> del Valle said he wants greater TIF transparency and more requirements for companies that get TIF money, including living wage jobs for local residents.
This Friday on the Barbershop Show, our weekly current events radio show on Vocalo, we’ll get a visit from Chicago city clerk and mayoral candidate Miguel del Valle. If you haven’t heard del Valle’s name on the evening news alongside Rahm, Gery and Carol’s, that’s because he’s been labeled a “second-tier candidate,” by the media,... Read more »

Abandoned foreclosures: Chicago's lost homes

We all know that there are a ton of foreclosures in Chicago. How many? More than 45,000 in the city’s metro area in 2010. But there’s a slice of those, and not a small one, that falls into a different category. They’re almost like ghost homes – not really among the living or the dead.... Read more »

The ugly whitewashed face of persistent racism

There was a time in American life where only white women appeared in fashion magazines and advertisements. A woman of color showcasing a brand new car or expensive clothes? You’ve got to be kidding. And although women of all skin tones are now fashion models and celebrities, the idea that real beauty is “white” hasn’t... Read more »