Cabrini residents say they won't go


Cabrini-Green may be almost gone, but there are still a few residents left fighting for their homes.

At the last open high-rise at 1230 N. Burling St., near the corner of Halsted and Division streets, four families stood up and said they won’t be pressured to move out earlier than planned.

In July, all the remaining families at the building got 180-day notices, saying their building would be closing in six months. But they recently got another notice–letting them know their building would close in 60 days–two weeks earlier than planned–because the building had too few families living there to be safe.

Activists say residents are being pressured to move every day by Chicago Housing Authority relocation officials. When six moving trucks pulled up this morning, they put their foot down and said they wouldn’t move until they had to go.
Toussaint Losier, activist with the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, which is supporting the residents, said the families that are left aren’t yet ready to move and don’t want to move before the holiday.

Many of them aren’t satisfied with where the CHA is sending them. He said the two main relocation choices are an old unit in the Cabrini rowhouses–not a new, rehabbed unit but a unit that had been formerly boarded up–or a placement in the Lawndale community.

“Folks here are aware that the areas that they’re being shown are a lot more dangerous than where they are right now,” Losier said. “There’s a lot more potential for gang conflict.”

The CHA officials could not be reached immediately for comment.

For a slideshow of Cabrini then and now and more about the complex’s final days, read our post from October: Remembering Cabrini-Green as it was.

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