Should we stop evictions in Chicago?


Every day, about 100 people in Chicago get evicted, says the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign. But if they have anything to say about it, that number will go down to zero.

Thursday morning, they served Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart with a five-day notice, telling him he needs to put a moratorium on economically motivated evictions within five days or they’ll be back to find out why.

Organizer Holly Krig and foreclosure victim Jorge Ortiz spoke in Daley
Plaza, talking about their experiences with eviction and foreclosure and
why they think it should be stopped until the economic crisis is over. Take a look at what they had to say:

“Land and housing should belong to those who work and live on the land. Not to the greedy bankers who are the cause of this economic and social crisis that many are facing right now,” said Jorge Ortiz.

That’s a pretty radical statement. It goes against a lot of our capitalist notions of private property. Yet, I think this economic crisis is pushing people to think differently about who owns what. Can a house or a piece of land that a person takes care of and works for really be owned by someone who’s never seen it, to an entity that thinks of it as just another line on their balance sheet? There’s an earthiness to what Ortiz says, one that makes me think of John Locke’s ideas as the radical ones.

But there was another surprise to how this action ended. Usually, the people with signs are waved away, or at the most, met outside by a flack or a receptionist who promises to inform their supervisor. Yesterday, these activists were invited into Tom Dart’s office for a meeting. No word yet on just what was said. But it makes me wonder – could Dart, who made national headlines for placing a moratorium on foreclosure before and who could also use a platform to get ahead of big-shot Rahm Emanuel in the race for mayor, actually consider an eviction moratorium?

We’ll have to wait and see.

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  • So if deadbeats are not evicted when they dont pay rent, what is the landlord supposed to do ?

  • One of the problems is that scammers rent out properties that they are not paying on, taking the money and running, leaving the renter, who has paid in full to get the boot.

    There should be no such thing as foreclosures. Owners should keep their homes no matter what, whether they can pay or not. The bank can just run up their balance owed, and they'll get it when the property is eventually sold. This whole foreclosure business is a complete scam by the banks, who end up hurting themselves by driving down the value of their investments.

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