The media mulls over Mayor Daley's legacy, and his replacement

The media is tracking the hits and misses of Mayor Daley as he announces his retirement. Big misses include corruption, and privatization. The tearing down of public housing is considered both a hit and a miss. Now politicians and advocates debate what kind of leader should replace Daley- African American? Pro-Business? Less autocratic?

  • The TIF fund debate continues as a coalition of housing advocates push to use the money, which some are calling a “gold mine”, for affordable housing.
  • Chicago ranks 8th in the U.S. in terms of most stressful cities, with traffic congestion and crime keeping it in the top spot, according to a recent study.
  • Chicago schools and organizations can apply for funding to fight childhood obesity through United Hero’s grant program.
  • As overall union membership declines, the number of African Americans in labor unions has dropped significantly from one in three to one in six. The
    decline can be linked to the recession, and the industrial jobs leaving
    the U.S., according to at least one blogger. Some say participation and leadership of African Americans in organized labor is necessary for a dynamic and effective labor movement.


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  • He acted like a spoiled brat.His legacy? Look around you.As for a replacement,anyone without a track record in Chicago politics....PLEASE

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