Rahm departs White House. What you may (or may not) know about Chicago's possible mayoral candidate

It’s official. Rahm Emanuel is leaving the White House. The now former presidential chief of staff is still mum on whether he will officially run for mayor of Chicago. We take a look back at his career, voting record and personal history. For some more Rahm-related fun, follow his twitter doppelganger, @MayorEmanuel, play Vanity Fair’s Rahm Emanuel’s Insult-Fill-In-the-Blank Challenge, or peruse Dennis O’Toole’s imagined list of future Emanuel quotes at NPR’s Mayor of [Expletive] Chicago.


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  • dope write up!

  • I'm sorry, but I just love when someone is so out of the box. Who would think a Wilmette-educated, ballet dancing guy would be such a fowl mouthed, tough butt politician. Love it.

  • Oops, I mean foul-mouthed.

  • The City is a joke...This jerk off is running to take over the Mafia (AKA Democratic Nationals Chicago Party)....He is as crooked as the day is long

    The City is DEAD

  • Talk about spin..I can't recall ever seeing a full shot of this slug standing next to anyone! The pic with bela pelosi indicates he's a lttle taller than she is! How short is the disgusting little twerp?

  • In reply to hughglass:

    I don't want to promote hatred towards short people. The creator of this photo gallery is only 5'1", hughglass. But he isn't very tall, from what I gather. I think maybe about 5'6"? Maybe he'll issue baseball cards with his stats on them for his mayoral campaign. But if he did, would it be Cubs or Sox? I guess we'll never know just how tall he is unless we see his mugshot someday.

  • They are all corrupt as the day is long!


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