News Roundup: Illinois about to get big bill

Illinois will soon have to pay the interest on the $2.2 billion borrowed from the federal government to replenish a depleted Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. The $250 million interest payment is due in the next 15 months, and is just one in a backlog of unpaid state bills and pension obligations. While the borrowing has leveled off in recent months, and the federal stimulus bill pushed the payment date back to 2012, there is doubt that the state can get through the year without more federal help.


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-Compiled by Louis McGill


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  • Here's a novel idea,no new spending.It's about the spending stupid,not you reporter.We don't need the feds either.Make the tough decisions now before it's to late.The black caucus,another bunch of over paid big mouths trying to stay in power.How well have they been working for you up to now.Streets quiet? Yea I bet.Get some new blood people,wake up.They just want to limit your choices.Tell them it's time to go home already.As far as income,to many regulations and over taxed.That will draw new business.e are being nudged along here folks.Stand up for yourselves,who knows better what you want than you.I don't care what color they are,out with the old and in with the new.Try something else for once and if they don't workout vote them out also.

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