Foreclosures continue, with few participating in mortgage assistance program

The number of Chicago area households participating in the federal mortgage modification program is at an all-time low, even as foreclosures continue.

Also in the news…

  • Young, urban, single women have beat out men as wage earners, according to a new study. This is because they tend to have more college degrees. As soon as women leave the city, marry, have children and get older, their wages drop to below what men make.
  • National figures indicate that  illegal immigration has gone down significantly. Experts are attributing this decrease to the suffering economy, and increased law enforcement and deportations. In Illinois, the number of undocumented immigrants has remained stable.
  • Workers are being pushed to make more with less, according to a Washington, D.C. research institute. While productivity has increased over the years, wages continue to fall, especially for Latinos, and those without a college education.
  • Voting in the upcoming mid-term elections may be the last thing on the minds of families whose homes have foreclosed. But some worry that turnout will be affected by voters being discouraged if they don’t have a permanent address to verify their eligibility to vote.

    –Compiled by Samantha Winslow

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