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Government programs pulling more Americans from poverty freefall

A record number of Amercians–an estimated 1 in 6– are being served by federal anti-poverty programs like Medicaid, unemployment insurance, food stamps and welfare, according to USA TODAY. Also… Northwestern University is trying to boost minority enrollment by opening its doors to its neighbors in Evanston and Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The “Good... Read more »

Wall Street reform includes regulations on minority- and women-owned businesses

In the past few years, the world has suffered tremendously from the consequences of the actions of Wall Street bankers. To help ease up on the financial tension, Congress recently passed a financial reform legislation to change how Wall Street and its federal regulators function. According to the Chicago Tribune, the new law requires each... Read more »

A tale of two Katrinas

Five years later, the numbers show government relief after hurricane Katrina mostly helped middle-class and white families in Mississippi and Louisiana, often excluding black families and low-income families. Also: City college officials are proposing ending open admission and pushing remedial education back on high schools. Critics say this will discourage students looking at higher education.... Read more »

Daley stands by TIF use, won't use money to save schools

Last week, support grew for dispersing Chicago TIF funds to aid the struggling city budget and prevent more cuts to Chicago Public Schools. Yesterday, Mayor Richard M. Daley defended TIFs intended use, including improvements to public transportation hubs like Chicago’s Morgan Street Station that houses CTA’s green and pink lines. Also: In education reform debate,... Read more »

Should 17-year-olds be charged as adults in Illinois?

Black Vision, a group of video and music producers from the North Lawndale community on Chicago’s West Side, says “no.” What do you think? This video is the group’s take on Illinois’ practice of prosecuting 17-year-olds as adults for felony crimes, including non-violent offenses, which is examined in the cover investigation of the September/October edition... Read more »

New Orleans police told to "take back the city" by shooting looters, post-Katrina

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina slashed through New Orleans, the city’s police department allegedly received the order to “take back the city” by shooting looters. The joint investigation revealing this points to a meeting where the department’s second-in-command at the time told a group of senior officers to shoot people stealing, and a video clip where... Read more »

Home sales take a nose-dive to lowest level in 15 years

Home sales plummeted by 27.2 percent in July compared to June, hitting the lowest level in 15 years. The drop, which is the biggest monthly dive since 1968, enforced fears that the economy continues to slow down.  The end of a tax credit given to first-time buyers contributed to the fall, according to NPR. While... Read more »

Shore Bank fails, and a vacuum in lending is left behind in low-income communities

Shore Bank customers talk about the significance of loans they used to rehab houses and revitalize low-income areas, loans that they would not be eligible for at an ordinary bank. Now that Shore Bank has gone under, they worry what type of economic investment will be available in already struggling Chicago neighborhoods hit hard by... Read more »

Cabrini residents struggle to find housing as buildings prepare to come down

The last Cabrini Green residents are struggling to find replacement housing as the city prepares to tear down the remaining public housing buildings. Thousands of public housing residents were forced out over the last ten years and the city hasn’t built enough replacement housing. Also… The city of Elgin hopes to revitalize communities using federal... Read more »

More homeless people being murdered, brutally injured

The murdering of homeless people hit its highest point in a decade, according to a new report from the National Coalition for the Homeless. Although violent crime nationwide is decreasing, murders of homeless people went up from 27 people in 2008 to 43 people last year. The study cites the popularity of “bum fight” videos... Read more »