Illinois' IOU to nonprofits

Some Chicago nonprofits that service the poor, disabled and low-income families aren’t getting the money they were promised by the state. As of July 12, Illinois owned nearly $500 million to tax-exempt organizations, according to Crain’s Chicago Business. So who’s waiting? Get the full list here courtesy of Progress Illinois, including 136 charities and nonprofits owed more than $1 million each.


  • Chicago families may not being getting proper notification that their homes are going into foreclosure, according to a new report by The Chicago Reporter.
  • A new survey by the Pew Research Center shows that people unemployed for long periods of time lose friends, respect and self-esteem. The longer they’re unemployed, the worse it gets, according to the poll.
  • How does Illinois stack up against other states for unemployment and foreclosures? CNN tells us with this interactive map based on early 2010 indicators.
  • People are criticizing the Arizona immigration law, but closer to home, New York schools are asking for students’ immigration documents when they enroll for class. Civil liberties advocates say this is scaring off undocumented students and violates a 30-year-old Supreme Court ruling that public schools can’t check immigration status for new students.

In other news:

  • Hundreds of hotel workers protested yesterday, accusing the Hyatt and other private employers of using the recession to short change them on pay and hours.
  • A new report shows that the condo foreclosures in Chicago’s suburbs are rising, adding to the already high number of vacancies in the metro area.


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  • At a time in our history when our faithless leaders have run our great city into the ground what is there to give? I know there are many people that need help but to what extent.Many of these people are just takes always with a hand out isn't that part of the problem? If you want to groung these people put a little self responsability on their shoulders.We as a state are out of money,OUT.Now we can help with what we can but a little belt tightening is due by all.

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