Felons could get voting rights...maybe

A Washington State Supreme Court judge recently ruled in favor of givingvoting rights to felons, but the legislative branch doesn’t quite agree. The 5.4 million people nationwide exiled from voting booths includes a disproportional amount of black and Latino voters; it’s estimated 13 percent of African American men can’t vote because of felon disenfranchisement, which is seven times the national average.

Federal judge Susan Bolton blocked key sections of Arizona’s controversial new immigration law, which will go into effect Thursday. After this injunction, police will not be permitted to check the citizenship status of people they think may be illegal.

Some of today’s related headlines:
  • Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says the ruling is a “temporary bump in the road” and she’s planning to appeal.
  • Five other states are considering similar anti-illegal immigrant legislation.
    Voters in Fremont, Neb. approved a ban on hiring or renting property to illegal
    . The city has since suspended
    the ordinance.
  • Daily Kos reports that two of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s advisers are connected to the private prison
    company Corrections Corporation of America. Blogger Lawrence Lewis speculates
    there could have been a financial incentive behind Brewer’s advocacy for the immigration legislation.


  • The Chicago City Council approved a third Walmart store today. It will be in West Chatham and ready to open as
    early as next year.
  • Gov. Pat Quinn enacted legislation necessitating a citizen’s initiative process for any proposal
    related to “ethical conduct and campaign
    finance reform.”

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