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If Chicago's West and South sides were their own cities, they'd be the deadliest and most violent in America

Collectively, according to a Chicago Reporter analysis, Chicago’s 11th and 15th police districts on the West Side had a higher murder rate last year than New Orleans, the nation’s deadliest city in 2009. Meanwhile, on the South Side, collectively, the 6th and 7th districts had a higher rate of violent crime than St. Louis, the nation’s leading... Read more »

Live from the barber shop: the future of social services

Efforts to spare human services from bearing the brunt of looming budget cuts are underway but the future of mental health, drug treatment and domestic violence (and many, many more) services are looking bleak. “What’s key,” Terri Johnson of Hull House said during our conversation today,”is if the state was serious when they said they were... Read more »

Live from the barber shop: why cuts to criminal justice matter

Time is flying. Check out a highlight from our second segment on cuts to the criminal justice system as Patricia Hill, the head of the African American police league, talks about what should be top priority for lawmakers:  

Live from the barber shop: the real impact of education cuts

Word of the day: “nervous.” That’s how Catalyst’s Sarah Karp summed up her feelings about the future of public education as a result of the state’s budget crisis. Check out this clip from our segment:    

Live from the barbershop, it's The Chicago Reporter

Join Chicago Reporter Editor Kimbriell Kelly and reporter Angela Caputo (and a great line-up of guests) as we explore Illinois’ budget crisis and what it means for communities of color in Chicago 10 a.m. to noon Friday June 11 on Vocalo, a division of Chicago Public Radio. Kelly and Caputo will host a two-hour “public... Read more »

Will Burge torture survivors get a fair trial?

Prosecutors are hoping to wrap up former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge’s trial by week’s end. But even a conviction on obstruction of justice charges isn’t likely to bring much closure, particularly for his alleged victims. Decades after allegations surfaced that Burge and his officers resorted to electric shocks, beatings and suffocation to elicit confessions,... Read more »

Latino youth speak out against Arizona immigration law

This weekend, organizers from the Chicago-based student group Immigrant Youth Justice League took their message of “undocumented and unafraid” back to the streets, this time in Pilsen, to protest Arizona’s newest immigration law. “It’s something that’s never been seen before,” the group’s founding member José Herrera told The Chicago Reporter, “youth coming out and saying... Read more »

Do racial stereotypes influence verdicts?

Two photos of an armed robbery reveal masked gunmen. They are identical except for the color of their skin. Who is guilty? According to a study recently unveiled by researchers at the University of Hawaii, people are more likely to judge a black person guilty over a white person. Participants watched a photo slideshow of... Read more »

New analysis: Ex-offenders' interests not always priority for legislators

By all accounts, Fayette County is one of the whitest regions in Illinois, but you wouldn’t know it by the latest census count. The secret to Fayette’s diversity is the Vandalia Correctional Center, the local prison where 95.7 percent of the county’s black population sits behind bars. Like Illinois’ other overwhelmingly white, rural prison communities,... Read more »

Chicago is three times as deadly as NYC and twice as violent as LA

Chicago’s murder rate was nearly three times higher than New York City’s last year, according to The Chicago Reporter’s analysis of preliminary 2009 crime statistics, released late last month by the FBI. The rate of violent crime in Chicago was almost double the rates for both New York City and Los Angeles, according to the... Read more »