Why are taxpayers supporting high salaries for a company that's losing money?

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photo courtesy of flickr/David Paul Ohmer

The publicly-funded agency that manages Navy Pier and McCormick
Place has increased its number of six-figure staff, despite the
fact that the agency lost $3.6 million last year and is projecting a
$28.8 million loss for its current fiscal year.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports the full story in its Jan. 4 investigation of the payroll records for the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, known as McPier.
Should taxpayers pay for higher salaries when McPier is losing money as conventions abandon Chicago for warmer and cheaper locations?

-Natalie Southwick


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  • Put these pirates on commision.Oh yea,check out who appointed them to these positions what you"ll see is a list of who's who of Illinois politics.Look for yourself........

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