Was it racism? 2009

The staff at The Chicago Reporter sat down and picked what we thought were some of the most bizarre happenings involving race this year. Much of what we chose involved President Barack Obama. So we decided to expand our thinking and include “head-scratching” moments both here in Chicago and from across the nation. We whittled the list to our top 10 and here they are.


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  • My vote goes to the pool one. This blog made today's "Hot on ChicagoNow;" hope it gets a lot of people to vote.

  • Thanks Lauren! I hope so, too.

  • What makes the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal and the murder of Derrion Albert "head scratching moments" involving race? It's just black folks behaving badly, nothing racial about it. If black people engage in bad behavior it's automatically racial? This is news to me.

  • I see one, maybe two examples on the list that have anything to do with race. As for the story about the professor....I enjoy the caption of the photo "Black Harvard professor gets profiled at his own home". That's not loaded or anything...lol.
    I have another idea for the caption, "Arrogant professor with chip on shoulder verbally abuses white police officer". I won't vote because the choices display your obvious desire to fuel the race issue.

  • I think that the most puzzling racial "story" of 2009 is the lack of coverage of the beatings of a white family in Akron Ohio in June, as reported on here: http://www.ohio.com/news/50172282.html The attackers shouted "this is a black world, this is our world" yet the police "aren't sure" if it is a hate crime?

  • I agree with WayneIL. Only I'll go a step further and be more direct. Because it involved 50 blacks thug animals beating up on a family of white people, it wasn't even considered noteworthy. You, Kimbriell Kelly are the biggest racist of them all. People like you make me sick.

  • In reply to jamesjj:

    Another unheralded racist moment - language like this that refers to blacks as "thug animals" while attempting to humanize "white people." It is a history of similar such language by people like yourself that contributed to the anger that might have led to the unfortunate incident. Racist.

  • In reply to jamesjj:

    Okay, I really don't think some of these are racially motivated or head scratching at all. They are examples of people behaving badly, that happen involve minorities. Don't get me wrong, the pool situation is horrible and racial for sure. But Fenger high school is an unfortunate and tragic incident but it wasn't whites killing blacks or blacks killing whites.

    Also, I don't know why the crazy guy wanting to kill President Obama is a part of this list at all. There was absolutely no mention of racial motivation for this at all. People have been wanthing to kill our presidents for as long as there have been presidents. It just so happens that this time, our president is black.

    And to add to the missing stories: What about when Sotomayer upheld the decision to overturn a completely fair Fire Department promotion test because only white firefighters scored high enough to be promoted. Where is that on this list?

  • In reply to jamesjj:

    I find interesting that you only see how African American kids are harmed by abandoning affirmative action programs in the selective enrollment schools. What about Asian and white students who were denied based solely on their race before? Affirmative action is a discriminatory policy and is harmful both to the kids that are denied equal treatment based on their race and those who are told they aren't good enough to succeed without special treatment because of their race.

  • In reply to jamesjj:

    I voted for the CPS kids getting killed, high lighted by the Fenger HS student. This waste of life is truly shocking! However, I do object to the connection with the CPS. These are school age children who are getting killed mainly in their own neighborhoods-not on school grounds.

  • Wayne, you raise a good point. Racism isn't only directed toward people who are black or Latino. Thanks for sharing this comment and the article.

  • I would vote for the Asian kids in South Philadelphia High School, who have been physically and verbally assaulted by African-American Staff for several years. You remember ... about 30 of the Asian students were beaten in one day by African-American students who were allowed to roam the halls during class looking for targets. You remember ... the Asian students who boycotted the school and marched, in the spirit of MLK Jr. You remember ... the Asian students who are filing a federal lawsuit because their civil rights were violated. Chances are you don't remember, because NONE of the national newspapers or TV stations dared to report this incredible story. Only NPR covered the story.

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