What will it take to get more Chicago police on the streets?


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A guy was robbed at gunpoint in the 6th police district, an area that includes the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood.

It took the cops an hour and 36 minutes to show up. On another recent night it was 26 minutes before police arrived after someone was robbed while waiting for the bus at 76th and Racine.

Both were stories highlighted by CBS 2 reporter Pam Zekman in a recent investigation, which found that the slow response times might be linked to fewer cops on the beat.

She wasn’t the first to point this out and probably won’t be the last. Just last month Fran Spielman of the the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Chicago Police Department has a daily shortage of 1,967 police officers of its authorized strength. There are roughly 13,500 sworn police officers in the department.

A self-identified police officer criticized the department on the blog Second City Cop, saying people within the department had been pointing out manpower shortages for over two years.

What will it take to get more Chicago police on the streets?

–Compiled by Christopher Pratt


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  • You need to carry a handgun, police stop very little crime they just write up the reports.

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