Chicago psychiatrist pushed drugs to seniors

A Chicago psychiatrist who over-prescribed antipsychotic drugs to nursing home patients was paid $490,000 to promote the drug by its manufacturer, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The report was part of the Tribune’s ongoing investigation into nursing home safety. According to the report, Dr. Michael Reinstein promoted the popular antipsychotic drug, Seroquel, for its manufacturer over the course of a decade. Reinstein allegedly over-prescribed the drug to nursing home patients throughout the city and told patients the drug would help them lose weight. However, research by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration show that the drug is linked to weight gain, the Tribune reported.

Have you dealt with Reinstein? What happened?

As a side note, staff from The Chicago Reporter testified Thursday, November 5 at a joint hearing of the Illinois Senate’s Public Health and Human Services committees about racial disparities in nursing homes.

–Compiled by Christopher Danzig

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