Chicago calls out residents and businesses for unpaid water bills, but the city's accounting could be flawed

The City of Chicago’s water department said Chicagoans owe more than $30 million in unpaid water bills. But it turns out there may have been a problem in the accounting.

CBS 2 reporter Pam Zekman found errors in the water department’s list of accounts and “collection chaos for some consumers.” The report was part of a joint investigation by CBS 2 Chicago and the Better Government Association.

In the most egregious example, the city shut off the water to the building at 1719 W. Augusta Blvd., saying the owner owes $173,000. The manager at the cleaners in the building now has to fill giant tubs with water in the store for washing hands. The manager also told Zekman the toilet doesn’t even work.

What would you do if the city said you owed more than $100,000 and shut off your water?

–Compiled by Christopher Danzig

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