The biggest headlines on race, poverty

I remember when I was a reporter and editors scrambled at the end of the year to do a big wrap-up of the year’s biggest news stories. Invariably, most of the stories about poor folks and minorities didn’t make the cut.
So this year, I’ve decided to make my own list. There’s a lot to choose
from. You’ve got the national stuff like President Barack Obama’s historic inauguration, Nobel Prize and the hits on his life from the
pulpit. You also have the historic nomination of U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Sonia Sotomayor and the East Coast controversies involving Skip Gates
and some black children trying to swim at a pool in Philly.

There was a lot going on locally as well, from high foreclosures and the
potential sale of Ebony magazine to Burr Oak Cemetery and the controversies surrounding our local politicians, namely Al Sanchez, Ald.
Arenda Troutman, Todd Stroger and Sen. Roland Burris.

This is where you come in. I can’t make this list alone. So what do you think should go on it?

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