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Lawsuit, bad tickets become the latest woes for Chicago's parking meter lease deal

Chicago’s inspector general had already questioned whether the city got shortchanged in it’s $1.15 billion deal to lease 36,000 parking meters for 75 years. Now a taxpayer watchdog group says the deal may be illegal, and a local investigative reporter finds that dozens of bogus parking tickets have been issued this year. Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization,... Read more »

For every Lincoln Park robbery, there are dozens more elsewhere in the city

During the time when a string of four robberies were committed in Lincoln Park–between 2 a.m. July 30 and 3:36 a.m. August 1, a spree that has touched off widespread community outrage–more than 100 other robberies were taking place in other parts of the city, according to an analysis by The Chicago Reporter. There were... Read more »

The Mo' Better Government Association

The Better Government Association’s new CEO, veteran journalist Andy Shaw, is making good on promises to team up with investigative journalists to provide more sunshine in Illinois. Last month, the BGA teamed with the Chicago Sun-Times to reveal that patronage workers at the Cook County Forest Preserve had received big raises and donated to the... Read more »

Even with virtually all-white casts, John Hughes' films offered valuable lessons for black teenagers

Like most teenagers in the 1980s, particularly those from Chicago, I was a big fan of John Hughes’ films. And even though none of his main characters looked like me, his films helped me see through some of the race and class divisions that define Chicago as much as his films do. Even as an African-American... Read more »