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Lisa Madigan drops another discrimination lawsuit on Wells Fargo

Last month, The Chicago Reporter raised the question: “If Baltimore sued Wells Fargo, why aren’t we?” Today, the Illinois Attorney General became the latest in a growing line of folks to charge the lending giant with discriminatory lending practices. After raising that question, the Reporter revealed that among the nation’s 10 largest lenders, black borrowers... Read more »

The background on Alden Nursing Home Meeting

  This May protest contributed to a July 24 meeting between elected officials, public health leaders and a representative from Alden Management Services. Photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune. You don’t always get to see concrete results from your work in journalism, so it’s rewarding when that happens. This story began in early May when 84-year-old... Read more »

Subsidies have diminished the economic impact of suburban Wal-Marts

As the Chicago City Coumcil considers a proposed South Side Wal-Mart, it might consider reviewing the subsidy deals–worth nearly $50 million–used to lure Wal-Mart to at least eight locations in suburban Cook County. According to the nonprofit Good Jobs First, on its Web site, Wal-Mart has received “more than $1.2 billion in tax breaks, free land, infrastructure... Read more »

Urban League conference: the perfect time to kick off a Senate campaign?

There’s been no official word yet on whether Chicago Urban League President Cheryle Jackson will formally announce a run for the U.S. Senate in 2010, but the Urban League’s national conference–which kicks off today in Chicago–could make for an excellent stage to do so. The timing could be ideal for Jackson. An announcement during the National Urban League conference would come... Read more »

Alden Management Promises Changes in Meeting with Elected Officials

A representative from Alden Management Services promised capital improvements to two of its majority-black nursing homes and outreach to area churches, but did not pledge to hire additional staff in a meeting Friday with elected officials and Illinois Department of Public Health leaders. Senator Jacqueline Collins, Rep. Andre Thapedi and Ald. Freddrenna Lyle, Illinois Department of Public Health Director... Read more »