Nearly Six in Ten Americans Support Legal Marijuana

Forty-two seconds.

That’s how long it will take for the next marijuana-related arrest to occur in America. Every forty-two seconds, a person is arrested for something a majority of the country now believes should be legal.

According to Gallup’s latest poll, 58% of Americans are in favor of FULLĀ marijuana legalization. I emphasize “full” because most Americans have favored medical marijuana for some time. The shift in thinking toward full acceptance of the plant is what’s remarkable.

gallup poll

Support for marijuana legalization has increased 10% in the past year alone. Only 12% of the country supported legalization the first time Gallup asked the question in 1969.

The sudden increase in support stems from a perfect storm of circumstances. Thanks to the internet, Americans are more marijuana-educated than ever before. Organizations, documentaries, and the facilitation of information sharing have completely turned the tide. Misguiding advertisements and D.A.R.E. presentations were the extent of a person’s drug education as little as ten years ago. Now, the truth has destroyed the mythical idea that all drugs fall under one category.

Just as important is the gallant effort of Colorado and Washington to test the waters of marijuana legalization and regulation. People are more willing to support something that has the backing of two state legislatures.

Can marijuana even be considered “taboo” anymore? Think about it: depending on what part of the country you’re in, three out of the five people you’re standing in an elevator with support legalization.

Three in five.

Six in ten.

However you slice it, it’s more than enough reason to start discussing it among your peers if you were afraid to before.nThe government is now going directly against its citizens’ wishes.

We’ve reached a tipping point. It’s no longer a debate but a matter of time.

How much time? That’s up to us.


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