Two Poems by Joseph Meads

Two Poems by Joseph Meads
(Image credit: Joseph Meads)

Two Poems


Joseph Meads

[Hyacinth blue smeared]


Hyacinth blue smeared

like blood up this sin,

the silence of certain skies,

the knock-em-dead mentality

of promise. Memories

swindle like autumn

this: the tufts, the most southern

of brunette tufts.







Of Berryman’s Dream Songs


In a hotel in Peoria

awoke Joe in a bottle of Vodka

so refreshin’ in the morn”

one subtle lack

in the line(s) so tight

an asshole


couldn’t remove the stain


my father committing suicide

never; my father – and his lover, crazy

like a horse, a fat horse; they committed me


dressed as Tom Hanks,

in a tragicomedy, fucking a mermaid

who morphs into my mother:


so she blew moist air

onto my terrible member,

I remember precisely her hair

stench. I was smoking

crack back then

a lot of it with her



my point is, Henry, suicides are sometimes

yellow like journalism

blue like jokes


and/or concrete/steel like a bridge.




A little more about Joseph Meads…  

Joseph Meads, a Chicago resident by way of Peoria, has been published previously in Columbia Poetry Review.

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