Three Poems on Dreams by Joris Soeding & Tasneem Hussain

Three Poems on Dreams by Joris Soeding & Tasneem Hussain
(Image credit: Joris Soeding)

Three Poems on Dreams


Joris Soeding 


Tasneem Hussain 






Red Hands Near Six Lanes



It wasn’t the gray walls or to tower an unaccustomed staircase

eventually it would be the room slippery with blood

to pry for answers from whomever was left, panting

they turn out to be high school classmates from years ago

crowded like the wheelbarrows full of prisoners hanged at Buchenwald

sixty-five pairs of arms begging at the ankles


Once again having evaded the past from a square building

stopping a cab and onto the highway, worried

every once in awhile another car

like the US-10 prior to first light as it approaches the hem of Detroit

in a glimpse the driver collapses with a gunshot

outside of the glass moaning becomes nearer





Dreaming in Red (co-authored with Tasneem Hussain



Drape some drip drop stones to dangle in your ear

refusing to resuscitate secrets formed in salt

dried crusts hiding everything but their own existence

rush hour suddenly seems inept of a sequel

distance disappears, hazy, effervescent even

reclaiming the barometer’s prediction of solace

drab clouds bring the prediction to experience

rarely do your questions result in sirens




Four a.m. Soliloquy

                             I’m dreaming dear toads tender swamps

until skillful of this bed


you’re the snakes in sidewalks

leaving patterns for storms to forget

this beauty hints at nervous

too close at truly recalling


an act of three flowers

dangled from nighttime lampposts


I’m in question marks unlike sleeping

glass under a tipsy moon


the chatterings of hands

have me slipped into corners


A little more about Joris Soeding & Tasneem Hussein… 

­­Joris Soeding is the author of the poetry chapbooks Surfaces Diminished and Trees. Otherness. Instance. His poems have appeared in publications such as Columbia Poetry Review, Concho River Review, MiPOesias, Pebble Lake Review, San Pedro River Review, Spillway, The Prose-Poem Project. He is the Grade 5 Reading and Writing teacher at Philip Rogers Elementary School in Chicago, where he resides with his wife, son, and daughter.

Tasneem Author PhotoTasneem is a city dweller at heart but is currently biding her time in the suburbs with her husband and toddling son. She enjoys writing poetry and prose and copious amounts of day dreaming.




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