Three Poems by Martha Kinkade

Three Poems by Martha Kinkade
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Three Poems


Martha Kinkade 





Ghost Words


Sometimes, I dress the dead. Salt-Sea-Shark. Venomous-Blind-Worm. Hell is murky as I walk in-between words. I starve in this echoing place. It aches before color begins. It’s not impossible that everything dresses itself in blonde. This interior is just a fly blur. You see – it’s on the periphery of perfume. Catch it and you’re fast alive.





Unexplained Things



You draw a cartoon of us –

a crescent heart between flowers

teetering like a giant hot dog.

There we sit, paper thin

under a star-moon, our

mini-landscaped garden.


With immensity, we play

like little gates of heaven’s joy.

Your arm’s on the shoulder

of my fall sweater. Beneath

our work of existence, shoes

lifting the mud of leaf rot.


There’s a smell of polish.

It’s raw, this shadow wind

glimpse of a oak-soap tree.

A marvel’s been tapped, hoarded-

branch of a half-measured life

magnificent dare of consequence.






Double Anthem Decay


In the home of suicide

Unreasonable strangers form a long coffin

Skin so frail, a blade deepens

To slaughter my checkered-chess game

Now the basement bed is full of blood-sheets

Then there’s this turquoise lady

Stung by the stone-wall

Laughing her tragedy

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

Droves of sweet blindness run foreign invaders down cobblestone pathways. There is no end. Today’s menu: an oscillating feather that directs the wind with no apparent moral to this story, except…die…


A little more about Martha Kinkade… 

Martha Kinkade is a published author and poet-activist dedicated to promoting a peaceful and harmonious way of living. Her first book of poems, Winter’s Light (2011), she writes about her experiences growing up in Wyoming and the detriments of a gun culture. Her poetry has appeared in Psychic Meatloaf, Jacksonhole ReviewSan Diego Writer’s Ink Anthology and The Mom Egg.


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