Two Poems by Ali Znaidi

Two Poems by Ali Znaidi
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Two Poems 


Ali Znaidi


Autumn, revival


W/ the windows open, a new syntax

opens before me: A procession of fallen

dead leaves against the repeated wounds

of summer/ a coconut breaking against

a stone.

Within each leaf, an itch stirring

the stagnant swamp/ feverish ripples,

blossom. & autumn is good enough to act as




In the Airport Lounge


He was standing for hours searching for

a rare poem. A rare poem which never

fades away in the crowd.


He was standing for hours waiting to

experience an epiphany— a spiritual

revelation akin to the promise of a rose

which never withers away in the oblivion.


The airport lounge was just the beginning

of the ebb & flow.


— A simmering fever of a Sufi began

to boil.



Contributor’s Bio:


Ali Znaidi (b.1977) lives in Redeyef, Tunisia where he teaches English. His work has appeared in Mad Swirl, Stride Magazine, Red Fez, BlazeVox, Otoliths, streetcake, & elsewhere. His debut poetry chapbook Experimental Ruminations was published in September 2012 by Fowlpox Press (Canada). From time to time he blogs at –


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