Weak Light, a poem by Scott Devon

Weak Light, a poem by Scott Devon
(Image courtesy of Scott Devon)

Weak Light


Scott Devon

A man, possibly God, wakes upon a park bench, his black eye turning purple in the dawn, and thinks of the depleted ranks of T cells fighting to nail the unwanted inside him.

Motionless a women wakes upon her sofa, stiff and drenched in yesterday as a weak light wakes the world, inside her the nameless weight is still as silence. She touches the bruises on her belly and feels how cold she is, and yet no crying she makes at the dying of the light.


Author Bio:

Scott Devon is a British born poet, with an MA in Creative Writing from MMU. He is the head of neo:writers, a department of neo:artists CIC, and the organiser of the neo:anthology Project, which has published writers such as multiple Pushcart prize nominee Howie Good, and Faber poet George Szirtes, http://www.neoartists.co.uk/blog/. He also runs the acclaimed Bolton based monthly poetry night neo:live.  Scott’s work explores the duality of nature and man, attempting to uncover and understand the ambivalence which lies within us all. His work has been published widely across Europe and America, but most recently by the Origami Poetry project, Stepaway Magazine, Epicentre Magazine, Egg poetry, Bareback, Diastixo.gr and Staxtes.com His poem ‘Belief’ was independently selected to be translated and read on National Greek radio, and he was selected to write in conjunction with the Royal Philharmonic Society in July 2013. His prose piece, Mobled Souls, was published by Starburst magazine, the world’s longest running magazine for Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy in November 2013.

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