Unique New Literary Journal Now Accepting Submissions for Debut Issue

I normally wouldn’t use other mediums to self-promote, but Abby asked me to tell readers about this opportunity, so here goes.

Just a few weeks ago, I launched a literary review, 3Elements Review, with C.J. Matthews and Liz Sidell. We believe what sets our journal apart from most others  is our unique prompt. Three “elements” are chosen by the editors and all three must be used somewhere within the story or poem.  It is the writer’s job to make sure that the story or poem built around the three elements is something we can’t put down. We only require one element to be present in art or photography, although incorporating all three will really impress us. The three elements for this issue are: procession, tandem bicycle, and ache.

The idea for this journal came from a writing prompt that helped me through a tough bout of writer’s block a few years ago. There are days where no matter how badly you want to write, there is a deficiency of ideas. My boyfriend helped me by giving me three words to work with, to kick start my creative process that day. I wrote a story I was proud of.

Submissions for our debut issue are due October 10, 2013, and because the issue debuts on October 31, we are especially interested in dark and eerie pieces. See our full submission guidelines here: http://3elementsreview.com/submission-guidelines.html.

Writers, poets, artists, and photographers can submit their work through Submittable, an easy-to-use, electronic submission manager, which takes the hassle out of the traditional submission process.

In addition to our quarterly review, we will be as interactive as ever in the coming months, with plans to launch a yearly contest, creative ways for writers to tell mini-stories on Twitter, spotlighting contributing writers on our website, and a yearly anthology issue.

We have already received some really impressive stories and poems in the few weeks that we’ve been live, so C.J., Liz, and I have high hopes that our first issue is going to be something special.

Visit us at www.3elementsreview.com and follow us @3ElementsReview on Twitter!

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