Three Poems By A.J. Huffman

Three Poems

By A.J. Huffman

from Bones this Resignation

 Recognition:  their brush’s gentle motion,

that which would tickle if nerves had not

dissolved myriad millennia ago.  Hearing:

soft echo of brow sweat beating against

what is left of me.


Harvesting has begun.  My piecemeal resting

replaced with zombiesque half-life.  They

will raise me, puzzle for their pondering,

re-construct me as teaching aid, exhibitional

wonder.  Forced back together,  displayed

in a nakedness so complete, their living

minds could never begin

to comprehend.


The Road to Butterfly Road

 shivers in the morning wind.  Layered

in exquisite colors of post-cocoonal flight,

wanders into random nets, gets pinned

behind twin panes of framed glass.

Destination:  wall corpse.  It ends

under stereotypical flag-term:  beautiful




 The concrete emanates an almost-

innocence in the snow.  Though rapidly

graying from exhaust, it glistens with promise

of rejuvenation, a new beginning with every

clinging flake.  This slick coat is not considered

fashionable, quickly shoveled, loaded into trucks,

taken to anonymous gravesites

somewhere on the other side of the skyscrapers.

I imagine the melting piles, looking back

at their fallen home.  Do they miss the metal

shadows, mourn the misunderstanding of cold?



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