Staff Picks: Summer Reading 2013

Summer is fast approaching and right up there with swimming, sunbathing, and requisite laziness is summer reading. I’ve asked each member of my staff to tell me what they’re going to be sinking their teeth into on balmy days. I would also love for my readers to share what they’re going to be reading this summer in the comments section below!

Emily Rothroundhouse

Emily Roth // Submissions Manager/Contributing Writer 

What she’s going to read: The Round House By Louise Erdrich

“I have been a huge fan of Louise Erdrich since I read her novel in connected stories, Love Medicine, a couple of years ago. The Round House returns to the North Dakota Ojibwe reservation setting that she has captured so beautifully before, and I could not be more excited to read it! This book has been patiently hanging out in my kindle (who am I?) for a few months now, so hopefully I will actually get the chance to read it this summer!”

Greyson1 Dead in Attic

Greyson Havens-Morris // NOLA Correspondent/Contributing Writer 

What he’s going to read:1 Dead in Attic By Chris Rose

1 Dead in Attic is a collection of stories by Times-Picayune columnist Chris Rose, recounting the first harrowing year and a half of life in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Celebrated as a local treasure and heaped with national praise, Rose provides a rollercoaster ride of observation, commentary, emotion, tragedy, and even humor — in a way that only he could find in a devastated wasteland. They are stories of the dead and the living, stories of survivors and believers, stories of hope and despair. And stories about refrigerators.”

WylA Port

Wyl Villacres // Junior Editor 

What he’s going to read: Portnoy’s Complaint By Philip Roth

“Once Philip Roth had announced he was retiring, I decided to read everything he’s written.  Goodbye, Columbus? Awesome. The Plot Against America? Awesome. I thought I was moving at a good pace, until I read his list of novels in the back of the latter book.  Oh, man, this guy wrote a lot.  And Portnoy’s Complaint is the one that sparked the biggest outrage/controversy, and I do love me a good controversy.  Besides, in the book, a dude masturbates with a piece of liver.  God bless American literature.”

LizA Ron

Liz Baudler // Senior Editor 

What she’s going to read: Ronson’s Extras! By Jon Ronson &”Winnie the Pooh and the Angle of Dath” By Dave Hughes

“Given how much I crave good nonfiction and good essays, I’m shocked that I have never read any of Jon Ronson’s books. Especially since his infrequent This American Life stories are some of my favorites. Here I could be reading the book behind the “Psychopath Test” episode, but no, I sat in staunch ignorance until I read Claire Zulkey’s interview with Ronson on the WBEZ blog. I’ll have a lot of catching up to do. Also, can I just say that though I might be into ladies, the Lennon glasses, the thick Welsh accent, the cropped fluffy air…even if his writing’s nowhere near as dreamy as he is, I don’t mind looking at Jon Ronson. (And now you know why I’m into ladies.) And OMG, he jokes about Ayn Rand on Twitter???! <3 <3 <3″

Extra Credit: 

A Bear

“My dear friend Dave Hughes is graduating college. Dave is famous for writing stories with anthropomorphic psychotic cars and a man turning into the letter F, playing a concertina, and being an incredibly generous soul. About a year ago, Dave finally got his novella “Winnie the Pooh and the Angle of Dath”, up on Amazon. If Winnie the Pooh was ever too milquetoast for you, insert an Angle of Dath and hopefully you’ll be satisfied. I grievously need to right the wrong of my ignorance of this dark Pooh parody. You all should too.”

Photo on 12-11-12 at 3.46 PM #21Q84

Abby Sheaffer // Founding Editor-in-Chief 

What I’m going to read: 1Q84 By Haruki Murakami

“My dear friend Celia absolutely loves this book (1Q84) and I trust her judgement. I read my first Murakami novel last summer in the form of Norwegian Wood and enjoyed it very much, so I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one.”

Be sure to share what you’re going to be reading this summer in the comments section below!


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