5 Tips on Breaking Writer's Block

So you’re in a bit of a rut. We’ve all been there: writer’s block is the pits. However, there is hope for you yet if you follow these fool-proof tips:


1.) Go outside.

Seriously! What problem was ever solved staring at a blank page? You’ll just make things worse for not having anything and you’ll keep on typing and deleting the same sentence over and over again. Do yourself a favor and go for a walk. A long walk.



2.) Don’t box yourself in.

If you’re stuck in one gear, you might never get out of the mud. What I’m saying is: don’t just do whatever medium of writing you’re used to doing. If you usually just write fiction, write poetry or an essay or an inflammatory Op-Ed on the Red Line, or a song. Keep yourself as open as possible, and the inspiration will just slide in.


3.) Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Whoever claims they wrote a perfect first draft is full of LIES! Let yourself mess up, and don’t go slamming your head into your desk because the syntax isn’t write the first time you write a sentence, it’s like that for everyone, if you never mess up you’re not being honest with yourself, and honesty is at the heart of every great story.



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4.) Have fun.

What stimulates the writing process more than going out of your comfort zone? And I mean this by either on the page or in your own life. Meet with a friend for a big lunch, spoil yourself, get off your regular routine and do something crazy. Get in touch with your inner child. Write in a genre you usually don’t write in. Just don’t take yourself too seriously. When writing begins to feel like work you’re doing it wrong.

5.) Keep a journal with you always.

This is the best way to counteract any writer’s block. Write everything from the banal (grocery lists) to the extraordinary (your S.O. finally coming around and popping the question). Believe me, once you feel like you have a comfortable place to write within your own notebook, everything else becomes easier.


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