2nd Story Fundraiser at Revolution Brewery (March 24th 6pm)

2nd Story Fundraiser at Revolution Brewery (March 24th 6pm)

Just a reminder that THIS SUNDAY at Revolution Brewery in Wicker Park (2323 N. Milwaukee Ave) a special 2nd Story fundraiser is happening! Craft beer, delicious dishes and awesome stories, is there anything better? (Spoiler alert: NO!)

Join us in the Brewer’s Lounge at Revolution Brewery for an evening of our some of our favorite stories, by some of our favorite tellers, about one of our favorite subjects: Family.  Darwyn Jones will spin a tale about truth and lies in the family dynamic, Margaret Marion will share her story about sisterly love (and competition), and CP Chang will meditate on the search for faith and religion in a relationship.  All that story greatness against a backdrop of two hours of tasting of Revolution’s signature beers and tasty food.  How can you resist?

Curated by Amanda Delheimer Dimond.


Buy tickets here: http://2ndstory.com/events/2nd-story-at-revolution-brewery

The ticket price also includes two hours of unlimited tasting featuring Revolution Brewery’s signature food and brews! Get on it, dudes!

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