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There's Still Time...

CHICAGO LITERATI wants your holiday stories! Submit to us by January 13th at midnight! We accept short stories, poetry, essays, creative nonfiction, artwork and even music! Email chicagoliterati (at) gmail (dot) com Prose must be 500-1,000 words, poems 3-5 (send in .docx), send artwork in PDF and/or JPEG, music in mp3.

Two Poems by Marc Wilkinson

Those Nights What time is it? Wait, wait, donʼt tell me. I donʼt want to know, Because I canʼt let you go. Slushy city streets, in your lobby we will meet. In hand-knit scarves, take to our feet. Or to busses, or to trains. And maybe someday, even planes A pull. A push. A tug.... Read more »

Submit Your Holiday Stories to Us!

Chicago Literati wants your holiday stories! Submit them to us by January 13th, 2013 at midnight! We accept essays, creative nonfiction, poetry, short stories and original artwork! Short stories, essays and creative nonfiction must be 500-1,000 words, we publish 3-4 poems, original artwork must be sent in PDF.  

Three Poems by Stephanie Lane Sutton

Apocrypha The year you turn 23: 2012.  The world is ending. Take the keys to the bookstore and the job, 40 hours a week counting money at sunrise, the high water mark of your salary. When I was growing, my parents warned me. What you love:  never enough to fill a table even for one.... Read more »

Chicago Stories

Our inaugural short story post from the “Chicago Stories” submission cycle will be Behn Riahi’s short story, “Firefly”. Tomorrow we’ll showcase poet Stephanie Sutton!

On Rejections

“There’s no success like failure, and that failure’s no success at all…” -Bob Dylan  In my eyes, nothing fosters a writer’s growth more than rejection. While having your manuscript or short story rejected can be a bitter pill to swallow, it nevertheless shows there is more work to be done. If every writer were to... Read more »

Some Self-Publishing Advice from Guy Kawasaki

Some Self-Publishing Advice from Guy Kawasaki
I wrote last week about the pros and cons of self-publishing and a reader pointed out to me Guy Kawasaki, author of the new book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. As you might have guessed, the book is all about Kawasaki’s knowledge on self-publishing. The book is available for $9.99 at Amazon, but Kawasaki was kind enough... Read more »

Readers' Choice: Top Books of 2012

I asked followers of the blog on Friday what their favorite books of 2012 are, and I was happy to get a lot of wonderful responses. Reader Greg Baldino responded to the Facebook page by saying his favorite book of 2012 was Ellis Avery’s The Last Nude, a historical fiction piece based on art deco... Read more »

Readers' Symposium: What's Your Favorite Novel of 2012?

Readers! 2012 is drawing to a close and there have been many incredible books released this year. From Lauren Groff’s epic masterpiece, “Arcadia” to the sumptuous and raw, “This Is How You Lose Her” by Junot Diaz and several others in between. You probably already could have guessed what my favorite book of 2012 was:... Read more »

Dear Sandy Hook

Dear Sandy Hook, There is a lot of anger going around. I know, because 24 hours later, I still am gnashing my teeth in aggravation and am on edge with anxiety concerning all my loved ones. Finally, with some lavender oil in an old fondue pot-turned-essential oil burner (I know, it’s weird) I am somewhat... Read more »