A Tribute to the Women of The United States Of Everywhere

A Tribute to the Women of The United States Of Everywhere
Each semester I ask students to analyze a leader that interests them, using a specific framework I present as part of a management course. The criteria for leader selection is simple: Choose someone with whom you identify somehow, positively or negatively. Think of them as your partner for the weeks ahead.  Research with care, and... Read more »

Charity Hold-Up at the Register: A Modest Proposal

Requests are quick and to the point. “Care to round that total up to provide holiday care packages to soldiers?” A customer’s attention is diverted from her wallet to bins of cheap mass-produced toys or stuffed animals.  “We’ve set aside these to give to children who won’t otherwise have any gifts this season.”  Which will... Read more »

A Note to My College Students: On Life, Leadership, and Sustainable Partnerships

The following is a letter I am sending today to all of my university students of management studies, many of whom are about to graduate. As I wrote it, I thought of all young adults facing an uncertain future in these times. Yours is a generation preparing to enter a workforce that is changing more... Read more »

Recreating Cicely: Making Sense of the Whole Karmic Enchilada

Loyal viewers of the magical, fictional world of Cicely, Alaska, (from the TV series Northern Exposure, 1990-1995) readily recall the show’s premise. Newly minted doctor Joel Fleischman is indebted to the residents of Cecily, whose wealthiest resident has subsidized his medical education in exchange for services rendered for several years post-graduation from his Ivy League... Read more »

Searching for Lost Questions in Dreams and In Life

I sometimes follow the trail in dreams, and I wake up, startled and sad. Perhaps you know something of it. The search for resolution we never got from a relationship or situation in the past. The sadness we feel at some lost experience of youth, or residual mourning over the loss of youth altogether. I... Read more »

Our Imploding Cities

Several students I teach are from other countries around the world. This semester, they’re from Germany, France, the Middle East, and North Africa. Most are no strangers to violence having erupted during their lifetimes in their cities, or those nearby. These young people are also relentlessly hopeful about what they’ll learn from us here in... Read more »

Lost In Space: Do You Like Time Travel, Too?

Whether here in California or at home in the Chicago area, I haunt thrift shops. The more years I accumulate, the sharper the memories provoked by objects tucked into corners of dust-musty spaces that smell like Grandma Wanda’s ancient walk-up. I bump into fellow sojourners on the hunt for an elusive memory of a distant... Read more »

Real Ghost Stories

  My husband, Marc, likes shows about ghosts and the people who stalk them. I try to hold my tongue when I catch him watching one of these programs, but sometimes I just let it out. “That’s no reality show. All the ghost programs are staged. The people in them are ACTORS who are making... Read more »

Trapped Inside Your Worries? Let the Matrix Set You Free

“With so much time worrying, I forgot to live my life.” The Time Machine Invention, Cloud Cult We are a worried society. I feel it, and see it in my students every day. We’re primed for anxiety from morning until night. Our connections to the stream of disturbing events has this…umbilical quality. We tug the... Read more »

When a Genetic Test Brings Bad News

The Ancestry commercials are right. Genetic testing can launch us on rewarding paths of self-discovery. Last year, using a common test kit, I found out exactly how Polish I was. My mother was 100%, and I inherited 51% of those genes in total, edging out the Scots-Irish portion of my genetic inheritance by a hair.... Read more »