Chicago Trivia Night List

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We suggest calling any bar before you go to trivia, to make sure it's still on for the night.

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Bar Louie, 47 W. Polk St., 8pm (except during the NFL season)
The Beetle, 2532 W. Chicago Ave., 8pm
Blue Bayou, 3734 N. Southport, 8pm
Cortland's Garage, 1645 W. Cortland, 7:30pm
Crew Bar & Grill, 4804 N Broadway St, 8pm
Finley Dunne's Tavern, 3458 N. Lincoln Ave., 8pm
Gannon's, 4254 N. Lincoln, 8pm
The Garage Bar & Sandwiches, 6154 N. Milwaukee, 8pm
Halsted's Bar and Grill, 3441 N. Halsted, 7:30pm
Jack's Bar & Grill, 2856 N. Southport, 8pm
Keenan O'Reilly's, 3916 N. Ashland, 8:30pm
Kincade's, 950 W. Armitage, 8:30pm
Kirkwood Bar & Grill, 2934 N. Sheffield, 8pm
Lottie's Pub, 1925 W. Cortland, 8:30pm
Mo Dailey's Pub & Grille, 6070 N. Northwest Highway, 8pm
Redmond's Ale House, 3358 N. Sheffield, 9pm
Rocky's Sports Restaurant, 234 W. 31st St., 7:30pm
Sidebar Grille, 221 N. LaSalle, 6pm
Windy City Inn, 2257 West Irving Park Rd., 8pm

Beckett's Public House, 3210 N. Lincoln Ave., 8pm
The Bird's Nest, 2500 N. Southport Ave., 8pm
Brownstone Tavern & Grill, 3937 N. Lincoln Ave., 7:45pm
Bull and Bear, 431 N. Wells, 8pm
Butch McGuire's, 20 W. Division, 8pm
Cans Bar and Canteen, 1640 N Damen Ave, 8pm
Cinners, 4757 N. Talman, 8:30pm
Cleo's, 1935 W. Chicago Ave., 8pm
Dish Dine and Drink, 6169 Northwest Highway, 8pm
Diversey Rock 'N Bowl, 2211 W. Diversey, 8pm
Division Ale House, 1942 W. Division St., 8pm
Duffy's Tavern & Grill, 420 W. Diversey, 8pm
Elephant & Castle, 160 E. Huron St., 6;30pm
Fiesta Mexicana, 2423 N. Lincoln Ave., 8pm
Friar Tuck, 3010 N. Broadway, 9:30pm
Full Shilling, 3724 N. Clark St, 8pm
Garrett Ripley's, 712 N. Clark, 8pm
The Globe Pub, 1934 W. Irving Park, 8pm, admission $5
Hawkeye's Bar & Grill, 1548 W. Taylor St., 8:30pm
Hi-Tops, 2462 N. Lincoln, 9pm
Justin's, 3358 Southport Ave., 8pm
Little Joe's Circle Lounge, 1041 W. Taylor St., 8:30pm
Lizzie McNeill's Irish Pub, 400 N. McClurg Ct., 7:30pm
Lizard's Liquid Lounge, 3058 W. Irving Park Rd., 7:30pm
Mad River Bar & Grille, 2909 N Sheffield Ave., 7:30pm
Mary's Rec Room, 5402 N. Clark St., 8pm
Matilda, 3101 N Sheffield Ave., 7:30pm (starting May 15)
McFadden's Restaurant & Saloon, 1206 N. State Pkwy., 8pm
McGee's Tavern, 950 W. Webster, 8:30pm
Michael Diversey's (formerly Firkin & Pheasant), 670 W. Diversey, 8pm
Monsignor Murphy's, 3019 N. Broadway, 7:30pm
Moxie, 3517 N. Clark, 8pm
O'Donovan's, 2100 W. Irving Park, 8:30pm
Old Town Pub, 1339 W. Wells St., 8:30pm
O'Shaughnessy's Public House, 4557 N. Ravenswood Ave., 8pm
Paddy Long's, 1028 W. Diversey Pkwy, 8pm, admission $5
Roadhouse 66, 3330 N. Clark St., 8pm
Rocks Lincoln Park, 1301 W. Schubert, 8pm
Schaller's Pump, 3714 S. Halsted, 7pm (3rd Tuesday of the month)
Schoolyard Tavern, 3528 N. Southport, 8pm, admission $5
Sheffield's, 3258 N. Sheffield, 7pm
Simone's, 960 W. 18th St., 8pm
The Snuggery, 6733 N. Olmsted, 8pm
The Snuggery, 15 W. Division, 9pm
The Spot, 4437 N. Broadway, 8pm, admission $20/team of 4
The Standard, 1332 N. Milwaukee, 8pm
Stanley's Kitchen & Tap, 1970 N. Lincoln Ave., 8pm
State Restaurant & Cafe, 935 W. Webster Ave., 8pm
Timothy O'Tooles, 622 N. Fairbanks, 8:30pm
The University of Chicago Pub, Ida Noyes Hall, 1212 E. 59th St., 8pm, admission $3 (must be accompanied by UC student or alum)
Victory Liquors, 2610 N. Halsted, 8:30pm
Wabash Tap, 1233 S. Wabash, 8pm
Will's Northwoods Inn, 3030 N. Racine, 8pm

6 Corners Sports Bar, 1950 W. North Ave., 8pm
260 Sports Bar, 260 W. 26th St., 8pm
AJ Hudson's, 3801 N Ashland Ave, 7:30pm
, 5355 N. Clark St., 8pm
Bridget McNeill's, 420 W Belmont Ave, 8:30pm
Burwood Tap, 724 W Wrightwood Ave, 9pm
Celtic Crown Public House, 4301 N. Western, 7:45pm
Chili's Bar and Grill, 2 E. Ontario St., 8pm
Chicago Joe's, 2256 W. Irving Park Rd., 9pm
Citizen Bar, 364 W. Erie St., 8pm
Crossing, 2548 N. Southport, 8pm
Crossroads Public House, 2630 N. Clark, 8:30pm
Cullen's Bar & Grill, 3741 N. Southport Ave., 8:30pm
Cuna Sports Lounge, 1113 W. Belmont, 8pm
Declan's Irish Pub, 1240 N. Wells St., 8pm
Dillinger's Bar & Grill, 2470 N. Lincoln Ave., 8pm
Fado, 100 W Grand Avenue, 7pm
Fat Cat Bar & Grill, 4840 N Broadway St., 8:30pm
Flounder's Bar and Grill, 2201 N. Clybourn Ave., 8pm
Four Farthings Tavern and Grill, 2060 N. Cleveland Ave., 8pm
Fireplace Inn, 1448 N. Wells St., 7:30pm
Flounders Bar & Grill, 2201 N. Clybourn Ave., 8pm
F. O'Mahony's, 3701 N. Broadway, 8pm
Galway Arms, 2442 N. Clark St., 8pm, $5 admission
Ginger's Ale House, 3801 N. Ashland, admission $5
Honky Tonk BBQ, 1213 W. 18th St., 8:30pm
Jack & Ginger's, 2048 W. Armitage Ave, 8pm
Jet's Public House, 6148 N. Milwaukee, 8pm
Joe's on Weed Street, 940 W. Weed St., 8pm
Jury's, 4337 N. Lincoln Ave., 8:30pm
Kroll's Chicago, 1736 S. Michigan, 8pm
O'Malley's West, 2249 N. Lincoln Ave., 8pm
The Piggery, 1625 W. Irving Park Rd., 8pm
PitchFork Food & Saloon, 2922 W. Irving Park Rd., 8pm
Racine Plumbing & Grill, 2642 N. Lincoln, 8pm
The Rail Bar & Grill, 4709 N. Damen Ave., 8pm
Rebel Bar and Grill, 3462 N. Clark St, 8pm
Riverview Tavern, 1958 W. Roscoe St., 8:30pm
Sedgwick's Bar and Grill, 1935 N. Sedgwick St., 8pm
Seven Ten Lounge, 2747 N. Lincoln Ave., 8pm
The Spread, 2476 N. Lincoln Ave., 8pm
Temple Bar, 3001 N. Ashland, 8pm
TGI Friday's, 153 E. Erie St., 9pm
Waterhouse, 3407 N. Paulina St., 8pm
Wheel House, 3553 N. Southport Ave., 8pm
Wild Goose Bar and Grill, 4265 N. Lincoln, 8pm
Witt's, 2913 N. Lincoln Ave., 8pm


44th Ward Dinner Party, 3542 N. Halsted St., all night
Bad Dog Tavern, 4535 N. Lincoln Ave., 8:30pm
Bar 10 Doors, 1259 W. Taylor, 9pm
Bucktown Pub, 1658 W. Cortland St., 8pm
Casey Moran's. 3660 N.Clark Ave., 8pm
Claddagh Ring Pub, 2306 W. Foster Ave., 8:30pm
Club 162, 3551 N. Sheffield, 8pm
El's Kitchen, 1450 W. Webster Ave., 8pm
Finn McCool's, 15 W. Division St., 9pm
Fizz Bar & Grill, 3220 N. Lincoln Ave., 8:30pm
The Hidden Shamrock, 2723 N. Halsted, 8pm
The Glenwood, 6962 N. Glenwood Ave., 9pm
The Green Lady, 3328 N. Lincoln Ave., 8pm
Houlihan's, 111 E. Wacker Dr., 6pm
Kincade's, 950 W. Armitage, 9pm
Mickey's Bar and Patio, 2450 N. Clark Ave., 8pm
Moher Public House, 5310 W. Devon Ave., 8:30pm
MECCA Supper Club, 6666 N. Northwest Highway, 9pm
Nick's Uptown, 4015 N. Sheridan, 8pm
The Purple Otter, 2706 N. Ashland Ave., 8pm
Shambles, 2020 W. Division, 8pm
Silver Cloud, 1700 N. Damen Ave., 10pm
St. Andrew's Inn, 5938 N. Broadway St., 8pm
Vines on Clark, 3554 N. Clark St., 8pm
Weathermark Tavern, 1503 S. Michigan Ave., 7:30pm

Merkle's, 3516 N. Clark St., 7pm

Abbey Pub, 3420 W. Grace St., 7pm
Bootleggers, 13 W. Division, 10pm
Division Street Bar & Grill, 2525 W. Division St., 8pm
Groucho's Bar & Grill, 8355 S. Pulaski, 7pm
Michael Diversey's (formerly Firkin & Pheasant), 670 W. Diversey, 8pm
Morseland, 1218 W. Morse, 6pm
Logan Bar & Grill, 2230 N. California Ave., 8pm
New Line Tavern, 201 N. Clinton St., 6pm
Spin Nightclub, 800 W. Belmont Ave., 10pm
St. Andrew's Inn, 5938 N. Broadway St., 8pm
Twisted Shamrock Pub, 6462 S. Central, 7pm

Trivia Nights in the Chicago Suburbs
Arlington Heights: Clementi's Italian Bistro, 602 W. Northwest Highway, Thursdays at 7:30pm
Arlington Heights: Eddie's, 10 E. Northwest Hwy, Thursdays at 9pm
Arlington Heights: Fox and Hound, 910 W. Dundee Rd., Wednesdays at 7:30pm
Arlington Heights: Harry's, 1 N. Vail Ave., Thursdays at 9pm
Arlington Heights: Peggy Kinnane's, 8 N. Vail Ave., Tuesdays at 8pm
Aurora: Paulie's Pub and Grille, 444 N Eola Rd., Every other Thursday at 8pm (see schedule)
Aurora: TGI Friday's, 888 N. Route 59, Saturdays at 10pm
Barrington: McGonigal's Pub, 105 S. Cook St., Mondays at 7:30pm
Batavia: O'Brien's Pub and Grill, 12 N. River St., Thursdays at 7pm
Berwyn: James Joyce Irish Pub, 7138 Windsor Ave., Every other Tuesday at 9pm
Burbank: Chuck's Southern Comforts Cafe, 6501 W. 79th St., Tuesdays at 8pm
Clarendon Hills: Tracy's Tavern, 401 55th St., Tuesdays at 8:30pm
Countryside: Harry's Sports Bar, 9901 W 55th St., Tuesdays at 8pm
Crestwood: At the Office Sports Bar & Grill, 4901 Cal Sag Rd., Mondays at 8pm
Des Plaines: Stadium Sports Club, 769 Holiday Ln., Thursdays at 7pm
Downers Grove: Cellar Door, 5150 Main St., Wednesdays at 7:30pm
East Dundee: Rosie O'Hare's Pub, 702 Water St., Thursdays at 7:30pm
Evanston: Bar Louie, 1520 Sherman Ave, Thursdays at 9pm
Evanston: BW3, 1741 N. Maple, Tuesdays at 8pm
Evanston: Tommy Nevin's Pub, 1450-1458 Sherman Ave., Tuesdays at 8pm
Evergreen Park: Baracco's Pizza, 3701 W 95th St., Tuesdays at 8pm
Evergreen Park: Durbin's, 10240 S Kedzie Ave., Mondays at 8pm
Evanston: Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Ave., Tuesdays at 7:30
Forest Park: Beacon Pub, 101 Circle Ave., 2nd Wednesday of every month at 8pm
Forest Park: Skrine Chops, 4230 Madison St., 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm
Frankfort: Chicago Blu, 19917 S. LaGrange Rd., Wednesdays at 8pm
Geneva: Claddagh Irish Pub, 1802 Commons Dr., Thursdays at 8pm
Glen Ellyn: Ellyn's Tap and Grill, 940 Roosevelt Rd., Wednesdays at 8pm
Gurnee: Timothy O'Toole's, 5572 Grand Ave., Tuesdays at 8pm.
Highwood: Bridie McKenna's, 254 Green Bay Rd., Mondays at 7:40pm
Highwood: Buffo's, 431 Sheridan Road, Mondays at 7pm
Highwood: Tap House Grill, 260 Greenbay Rd., Wednesdays at 8:30pm
Hoffman Estates: TGI Friday's, 1795 Barrington Rd., Tuesdays at 8pm
Lemont: 3 Corners Grill & Tap, 12371 N. Derby Rd., Wednesdays at 8pm
Libertyville: Austin's Saloon & Eatery, 481 Peterson Rd., Wednesdays at 7:30pm
Lisle: Maple Avenue Pub, 1227 Maple Ave., Mondays at 8pm
Lombard: French Quarter New Orleans Kitchen, 44 Yorktown Center, Wednesdays at 9pm
Mt. Prospect: Bogies Ale House, 303 E. Kensington Rd., Thursdays at 7pm
Mundelein: Hitz Pizza and Sports Bar, 700 South Butterfield Rd., Tuesdays at 7:30pm
Naperville: BlackFinn American Saloon, 16 W. Jefferson Ave., Tuesdays at 9pm
Naperville: Crosstown Pub, 909 E. Ogden Ave., Tuesdays at 8pm
Naperville: Miss Kitty's, 634 E. Ogden Ave., Sundays at 6pm
Naperville: TGI Friday's, 1516 N. Naper Blvd., Wednesdays at 9pm
Naperville: Total Sports Barr & Grill, 523 Fairway Dr., Wednesdays at 7pm
Naperville: World of Beer, 1727 Freedom Dr., Mondays at 7pm
Oak Forest: Marcotte's Bar & Grill, 15501 S. Cicero Ave., Wednesdays at 7:45pm
Oak Lawn: Quigley's, 4010 W. 111th St., Tuesdays at 9pm
Oak Lawn: TGI Friday's, 5420 W. 95th St., Wednesdays at 7pm
Oak Park: Avenue Ale House, 825 S. Oak Park Ave., Tuesdays at 8:30pm
Oak Park: Bar Louie, 1122 Lake Street, Mondays at 8pm
Palatine: Durty Nellie's, 180 N Smith St., Wednesdays at 8pm
Palatine: Lamplighter's Bar & Grill, 60 N. Bothwell, Tuesdays at 7:30pm
Posen: D&D Tap, 14401 S Sherman, Wednesdays at 8pm
Prospect Heights: 1211 S. Wolf Rd., Wednesdays at 7pm
Rolling Meadows: Stadium Sports Club, 4015 Algonquin Rd., Tuesdays at 7pm
Schaumburg: Wild Bull Bar and Grill, Wednesdays at 8pm
Skokie: Village Inn Pizzeria, 8050 Lincoln Ave., Tuesdays at 8pm
St. Charles: TGI Friday's, 3875 E. Main St., Thursdays at 8pm
Tinley Park: Old Tinley Pub, 17020 Oak Park Ave., Tuesdays at 8pm
Villa Park: Fitz's Irish Bulldog, 314 W. St. Charles Rd., Wednesdays at 7pm
Willowbrook: Kerry Piper Pub, 7900 Joliet Road, Wednesdays at 8pm
Winfield: John's Restaurant, 27 W482 Jewell Rd., Thursdays at 8pm
Woodridge: Cabana Charley's, 6315 Main St., Tuesdays at 7pm

Last updated: September 8, 2012