Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Bar Louie

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Bar Louie

Annnnd we’re back!

After a brief hiatus from trivia, we went to Bar Louie River North…which is located on Dearborn.  Warning!  There’s also a Bar Louie Dearborn located on Polk.  I can only imagine how many outings have been ruined by this!

Wednesday night trivia at Bar Louie is provided by Brain Sportz Trivia.   Check out their website and Facebook page where they sometimes post the rounds in advance.  Last week the rounds were:

  • Round 1:  a handout round about Clint Eastwood (topical!)
  • Round 2: general knowledge
  • Round 3:  music.  Due to technical difficulties the planned audio round was canceled.  Instead, the host listed off 3 members of a band and we had to name the band.  This was ridiculously hard and not fun.
  • Round 4: toys
  • Round 5: board games/video games. Rounds 4 and 5 were fun and nostalgia-filled and so made up for the Round 3.
  • Round 6: Speed round!

The night we went, there was some discord between the folks who came to Bar Louie to watch football and the folks who came to play trivia.  And by discord I mean that a few football watchers got annoyed by the trivia and started yelling pretty incoherently.  To avoid this situation, I’d suggest not going on a game night and/or a return to manners.
You don’t go to Bar Louie for the food, so I won’t even mention it.  The drink specials include $3.50 Sam Adams Octoberfests (which, oddly, is the beer of the month for September).
Bar Louie River North

335 N. Dearborn, Chicago8-10pm3 paws (out of 4!)

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