Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at the Snuggery

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at the Snuggery

Last week we proved our love of trivia knows no boundaries when we went all the way out to Edison Park to play at the Snuggery.  (It’s really not that bad.  If you drive it’s not far from 90 and there’s complementary valet parking.  If you want to take the train, the Snuggery is right across the street from the Metra.)

Notable things about the Snuggery: it’s huge; there’s a TV at every table; it’s kind of like Hooters-lite; and it serves the following delightful menu items: the Snugarita, the Widowmaker buger, and a salad with pot stickers on top.  Specials on Tuesday include $7.99 beer can chicken, $2.50 Miller Lite and Coors Light drafts, and $3.50 Vegas and cherry bombs.

Trivia is provided by Stand Up Trivia, so you will probably expect that your host will be a standup comedian who tells funny jokes while running the trivia night.  You will be disappointed.  Our host, Zach Bartz, was a nice young kid so I really don’t want to knock on him too much.  He ran an OK trivia night, and if I hadn’t been promised a standup comedian, I would have thought he did a decent job.  But they did promise me a standup comedian so I feel like I have to mention in my review that this guy wasn’t very funny.  At one point during the night he asked a question about phrenology and then asked the room, “Hey, any phrenologists here tonight?”  This was the closest thing to a joke that he told all night.

Grading was also a little slow, he repeated the questions too many times, and he took a couple of long smoke breaks.  None of these things made him any funnier.

The trivia rounds were:

1. Famous Bills (about famous people named Bill/Billy/William)

2. Animals on TV (awesome category!)

3. 1960s music

4. Paint the town red (red was the clue in every questions)

5. “The Confidence Round” (basically just a round where you wager points based on how confident you are in your answers.

If you love standup comedy, this night probably isn’t for you.  But if you love trivia….well, this night probably isn’t for you either.  But standup trivia is a cool concept.  And with a little tweaking, we think it could work out.

The Sunggery
6733 N Olmsted, Chicago
8:15pm to 10:15pm
Free admission
2 paws (out of 4)




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