Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Crossing

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Crossing

At a glance, trivia at Crossing Tavern in Lakeview seems like it was tailor-made for us.

  1. It is a KANSAS bar.
  2. They serve *skillet cookies*.
  3. They also serve Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat (my favorite) on tap. On Tap!
  4. It starts exactly at 8:00pm on the dot and ends at 9:30pm.
  5. Parking is super easy.

Everything about Crossing is just the best. Except, unfortunately, for the trivia.

Crossing has about a million TVs and they use most of them for trivia. We usually really like it when trivia companies use bar TVs to make their trivia nights more interactive. We loved it when the host used the TVs to show the pictures of celebs throwing first pitches for the first round. It was pretty innovative, in round two, to have us watch clips from TV shows and then answer questions about what we just saw (although sometimes the clips were really long.) In round three, we watched music videos and had to choose whether the songs were released in the 90’s or 2000’s. That was ok, but they pretty much played the whole video for every song. We love a good music video, but spending a half hour on 10 trivia questions is a bit excessive.

Round four, the movie round, pushed us over the edge. For this round, the host played 4 to 5 minute clips from various movies and then asked questions. But the questions had nothing to do with the clips! An example: he played the entire dance scene from Pulp Fiction and then asked “True or False: Pulp Fiction won 5 Academy Awards.” By the sixth or seventh clip we were ready for it to end. Again, I love watching classic scenes from movies, but we did not come to Crossing to watch TV. We came to play trivia and maybe eat a skillet cookie. It wasn’t even that late (we got out by 9:30) but we didn’t even really get to answer that many questions for the amount of time we were there.

And here’s another thing that drove us nuts. Every once in a while he would show the scores on an Excel spreadsheet on the TV screens. Unsorted! WHAT IS THE POINT OF USING EXCEL?

We got kind of snippy at the end.

If you like trivia where you get to watch a lot of YouTube clips and not have to answer a lot of questions, Crossing is a good night for you. More tips: the Wednesday night specials are $9 pizza and $9 pitchers of Miller/Coors Light. The team with the best name gets a round of Apple Cinnamon shots.

Best of all, when you check in at Crossing on Foursquare three times, you get a free skillet cookie! Also, Kansas alumni get free tots! So it’s got that going for it.

Crossing Tavern
2548 N. Southport Ave, Chicago
8pm to 9:30pm
Free admission
2.5 paws (out of 4)


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