Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Citizen Bar

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Citizen Bar

Last Wednesday we headed to Citizen Bar for their Wednesday trivia night.  Trivia is now on hiatus for the season, so you’ll have to wait a few months before you play there.



The Good:

  • Trivia at Citizen is provided by Chicago Trivia Guys, one of our favorite companies.  We are thrilled that they (and their non-Team Trivia format) continue to expand.
  • It is hosted by a female emcee.  We always love to see that.
  • Trivia is free to play and the winners get $100 cash money.
  • The trivia rounds were fun and unique.  The included a movie poster ID round, a general trivia round, a Scattegories style round, a round in which we had to ID city skylines, a round about food and drink, and a bonus round about the longest Chicago streets.   In the Scattegories round we had to name things belonging to a certain category (things you’d find in your purse, things you’d find at work, etc.) that started with the letter M.
  • The questions and pictures were all posted on the TV screens around the bar, which always helps things run smoothly.

The Bad:

  • Overall the night was a bit slow, which everyone knows is our pet peeve.  Trivia was also advertised as starting at 7:30, but didn’t start until 8, which is our other pet peeve.
  • The location is a bit weird.  It’s on the outskirts of River North, surrounded by an eerie construction zone.
  • Citizen might not be in the heart of River North, but it definitely has River North prices.  Drink specials that night included $5 Grey Goose cocktails, but beer was much pricier.  If you are brave enough to try the Absolut Snickers Martini on the menu, that will cost you $12.
  • The Scattegories round was a fun break from your standard trivia round, but since just about every team was able to come up with a feasible M-word for each category, it was pretty much a wash.

The Ugly:

  • We mistook London for Washington DC in the round on City Skylines.  Doh.


Citizen Bar
364 West Erie Street, Chicago
Free Admission
2.5 paws (out of 4)

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