Review: Thursday Night Trivia at St. Andrew's Inn

Review: Thursday Night Trivia at St. Andrew's Inn

Do you like trivia? Do you like ghosts? We have the perfect place for you.

That’s right, I said GHOSTS. St. Andrew’s Inn on North Broadway not only has trivia two days a week (Thursdays and Sundays), it has its own live-in ghost!

According to legend, Frank Giff, a previous owner of St. Andrew’s, regularly stayed at the bar to drink after it closed and all the customers had gone home. One night, he fell off a barstool, hit his head, died, and his spirit continues to haunt St. Andrew’s to this day. His image has even shown up in pictures of the bar. It’s all very creepy. And even creepier? The website says that Frank’s spirit enjoys “drinking vodka and getting friendly with the ladies” at St. Andrew’s.  True story.

So we went to check out the ghost (and also the trivia), and to be honest, the ghost did not make an appearance that night. Who did make an appearance? A bunch of teams (we assume made of super smart Loyola and Northwestern kids that made the trip down from campus) ready to throw down at trivia night. Competition was fierce, so we did not feel bad at all about our middle-of-the-road showing (6th place!).

The host’s name is Julian(?) (I think?)(Julian, are you out there? Please confirm!) and they have standard Team Trivia of Illinois on both Thursday and Sunday. We’re not huge fans of the Team Trivia format, but it is becoming one of the few options when it comes to bar trivia in this town. But for what it’s worth, Julian–I’m just going to call him Julian–was pretty great. He explained the Team Trivia rules to us better than any other host. We’ve been to enough trivia nights that that actually makes a huge difference. Plus, lovely Julian came around to all the tables to collect our answer sheets! LOVE. All you hosts out there, we’ve really come to expect nothing less. We enjoy not having to get up from our table all night.

The questions are standard canned Team Trivia questions — including the freebie answer on the Team Trivia website that we always forget to check! — except Julian replaces three of the questions with his own. If you can guess which three questions he wrote, you get extra points he will spend 20 bucks of his own-hard-earned cash and do something awesome with you before the next trivia night. Apparently, if you go frequently enough and get to know Julian-the-person then they are pretty obvious. One thing we picked up on: he likes questions about Prince. The singer.

The winners get a $20 gift certificate to St. Andrew’s and 2nd and 3rd place get $15 and $10 gift certificates, respectively.

Kind of the best part of the night for us was our waiter, who might have been the Walking for Kisses dude (also named Prince!) (aka our new best friend). So basically he was perfect in our eyes. Thursday night specials are all you can eat rib tips for $10.99. If you go on Sunday, you get all you can eat Fish & Chips for $11.99.

Even if you don’t go for trivia or the ghost of Frank Giff, do yourself a favor and pop in to see one thing: The Rainbow Disco Ball. Tell them it’s your birthday. They’ll turn it on and make everyone sing to you. It’s totally worth the trip.

St. Andrew’s Inn
5938 N. Broadway, Chicago
Thursdays and Sundays, 8pm
Free admission
3 paws (out of 4)

Read our update to this post–where we reveal Julian’s real name–here.

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