Review: Monday Night Trivia at Halsted's Bar & Grill

Review: Monday Night Trivia at Halsted's Bar & Grill

During football season, Monday trivia nights can be really hard to find. Fortunately, Halsted’s Bar & Grill in Boystown is a great place to go for those Monday nights when you’re not in the mood to watch Tebow Tebowing, or whatever other reason you watch Monday Night Football for.

Trivia starts at 7:30pm. That is amazing, and very good planning on Halsted’s part. We’ve been known to get pretty grumpy when trivia ends too late, but that feeling triples if we have to stay up ’til midnight on Monday night. We were outta there by 9:20pm (awesome), but host Kevin kept us so entertained that we probably would have been happy to stay until 10:30.

Specials include $5.95 for HUGE burgers and fries/tots, $4.50 for HUGE (22 oz) Bud Lights. I love any meal under $10. You can also get $10 Bud Light pitchers, $8 – 23 oz. Honey Bears (Honey Weiss + Berry Weiss mix), $15 – 40 oz. Fish Bowl specialty cocktails (I don’t know what that means but it sounds like it’s probably blue), $5 Absolut bombs, and $8 Veev Acai Local Lemonade.

It’s not a special, but you can also get TOTCHOS (Tots + Nachos). I was very tempted to try them. I’m sure it’s worth it.

The trivia is brought to you by Team Trivia of Illinois, which we haven’t been too keen on in the past, but either we’re getting soft or they’ve improved the formula, because we weren’t as annoyed with the question-song-question-song format as we used to be. We also learned that Team Trivia has started forming leagues that you can join and win prizes like cars and trips! As with every Team Trivia night, at Halsted’s, you wager on your points, and you can get a free answer from the Team Trivia of Illinois website.

Kevin, Halsted’s host, is super fun and entertaining. He offers commentary on most of the questions and has good banter (not annoying or forced) with the trivia teams. But best of all, he can’t help but lip sync/sing along–for purely his own personal enjoyment–between the questions, including this gem… actually, that’s probably why we didn’t mind the Team Trivia format.

We were in the running for a prize until we wagered 15 points on a wrong final question (we’d rather go down in a blaze than be too conservative!). I think the prizes include a Halsted’s gift certificate and/or a bottle of weird flavored liquor, but we kind of stopped listening after he said one of the winners got a round of brownie sundaes for the table!!!

Check it out. It’s one of the few Monday night options, you’ll be home by 10, and brownie sundaes.

Halsted’s Bar & Grill
3441 N. Halsted, Chicago
7:30pm to 9:30pm
Free admission
3.5 paws (out of 4)

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