What we learned at Schaller's Pump

What we learned at Schaller's Pump

Questions from our trip to Schaller’s Pump:

1. Who is the actor pictured here?

2. What was the name of the Apollo 11 landing module?

3. Besides gin and vermouth, what ingredient is in a Gibson martini?

4. What is the popular name for the painting, “Arrangement in Gray and Black #1”?

The first person to leave the correct answers in the comments gets a street is definitely smart enough to get an honorary street named after them, like famed White Sox owner and Bridgeport legend Bill Veeck (we learned that at Schaller’s!)


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  • 1. Benny Hill.

    2. Eagle.

    3. A pickled onion.

    4. Whistler's Mother.

    I love Schaller's Pump, although I have yet to do trivia there. It's very much the authentic Bridgeport experience.

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