Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Temple Bar

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Temple Bar

If I told you to picture a bar, you’d probably envision Temple Bar in Lakeview. It doesn’t have the Bridgeportian character of Schaller’s Pump, the plush seating of Kroll’s, the hunting lodge feel of Will’s. Temple Bar is just a plain old bar. With kinda just plain old trivia. If you live in the neighborhood, definitely stop by for trivia, but it’s probably not worth traveling to.

Wednesday night trivia is brought to you by Whaddayaknow. In the first half, there are 6 questions, where you can wager 1-6 points for each question. At halftime you get the picture round, which is (in my opinion) the best thing about Whaddayaknow trivia. The week we went, each team had to name as many of the pictured movie sequels by their subtitles (so, like, you had to answer The Klumps and not just The Nutty Professor 2).

During this round, we were positive that one of the pictures was Air Bud: Golden Receiver — Best Movie Name Ever* — and were dismayed/delighted to find out it was Air Bud: World Pup**. Further research led us to discover other incredible Air Bud sequels, Seventh Inning Fetch and Spikes Back. If nothing else, it was worth going to trivia at Temple Bar just to learn that. But I digress.

During the second half, you get 6 more questions, except the points are doubled (2-12 points). After that you get another handout (world cities), 4 current events questions, and 2 final questions where you can wager (and lose) 0-12 points. This being Whaddayaknow, they play a song between each question. That usually annoys us, but this time the host was pretty awesome about moving the night along and grading quickly.

One thing we forgot to do before we got there was to check the Whaddayaknow Facebook page. Every week, they post a question on Facebook (usually some kind of picture identification). If you figure out the answer, you can bring it to trivia for a free answer!

You should know by now that our biggest pet peeve is when trivia starts late and ends late. You don’t have to worry about that at Temple. Trivia got started at 8:09pm (and that is with technical difficulties…not bad!) and we got out around 10:15. Success! Specials include $3.50 pints of Blue Moon and $5 nachos. Tip well; the wait staff seemed stressed out.

Temple Bar
3001 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago
8pm to 10:15pm
Free admission
3 paws (out of 4)

*Or so we thought.

**Actual Best Movie Name Ever.

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