Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at 6 Corners Sports Bar

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at 6 Corners Sports Bar

The hardest question you’ll get at Six Corners Sports Bar‘s trivia night is which sauce do you want to go with your wings?  That’s not because the trivia is super easy–it’s because there are over a dozen sauce options to choose from. The menu is mostly apps and sandwiches, and they give you the option to mix and match your favorites.  We tried the “wing flight” which included a hefty portion of wings and three sauces of our choice.   Wednesday night specials also include $14 domestic buckets and $4.95 pulled pork sliders.

The host there knows just how we like our trivia: fast and fun.  The questions were original and creative, and (woot!) he kept the night moving at a quick pace.  We were out the door before 10pm which we love.

Trivia was played in 6 rounds.  Round1 was general trivia.  Round 2 was a Family Feud style speed round which featured actual questions from Family Feud episodes.  It was fun and a nice change of pace.  In round three, the host read the opening lyrics of a song and we had to identify it.  It’s harder than it sounds.  In round 4 we had to identify the movie based on a one line description.  Round 5 was a picture round that featured pics of children’s books covers.  Round 6 included questions about food and liquor.  After all the rounds, there’s a final question which allows you to rack up some points.  Last week, we had to name all the Drew Barrymore movies we could think of.  Side note: I know this is like 5 years too late, how disappointing was Music and Lyrics?

The bar was packed with teams, but at the end of the night Team Dreamatorium got 4th place.  Pretty good for 2 people!

Six Corners Sports Bar
1950 W. North Ave.
8pm to 10pm
Free admission
3.5 paws! (out of 4)

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