Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Schaller's Pump

Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Schaller's Pump

As you loyal readers know, I just got married.  Obviously, this means that I am wiser and more mature than ever before.  Which is why you should listen to me when I tell you this:  you must play trivia at Schaller’s Pump in Bridgeport.

Seriously. And here’s why:

1. There’s a parking lot!  And it’s free!

2. Everyone there is so friendly, from the waitstaff to the diners.  Even our trivia opponents were jovial and encouraging (as they were pummeling us). Life got you down?  Come to Schaller’s and your faith in humanity will be restored.

3. The menu is cheap and hardy–a corned beef sandwich and fries will cost you just $5.75.   It’s not exactly vegetarian friendly, but if you are in the mood for ribs and homemade meatloaf (Tuesday night specials), head to Schaller’s for good food at a good price.

4. The beer comes in cans! Enough said.

5. You’ll be out the door well before 10.  We love a trivia joint that recognizes that we’ve got early bedtimes.

Other important details: Trivia is only played on the third Tuesday of each month.  Schaller’s is also cash only, so hit up the ATM before you come.  Trivia starts at about 7.  You’re welcome to sit in the front room or the back room (the host reads the questions in both).  The night begins with a picture round and the winners  get a free round of drinks.  After that there are two separate  games.  It costs $1 per person per game to play, and the winning teams from each game get all the entry fees.  Note: Schaller’s has a rule that disallows the same team from winning both games.  If a single team wins both games (as the smarty pants next to us did), the prize money from the second game goes to the 2nd place team.   There’s also question about Bridgeport in each round, so study up and maybe you’ll fare better than we did (read: not well)!

For their friendliness and food, for their excellent trivia night, and especially for their cheap beer, we’re happy to award Schaller’s 3.5 paws!

Schaller’s Pump
3714 S Halsted St., Chicago
7-9pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month
$1 per person per game

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